UK Virtual Landlines

UK Virtual Landlines can be purchased online. This allows you to make business calls immediately.

UK Virtual Landlines - My Country Mobile

UK Virtual Landline Telephone Number

United Kingdom virtual telephone numbers. It is non-geographic, free of cost, local in the UK, allows callers from around the globe to reach your virtual number. In addition, you will not be charged cancellation fees or setup fees when you purchase a UK Virtual Landline.
  • Online ordering of UK virtual telephone lines
  • No setup fees, no minimum contracts
  • Port, your existing business phone lines to get paid.
  • As your personalized caller ID, use the digital number of your phone.
  • IVR, call routing, voicemail, and other 20+ features included
  • The best service is available risk-free!

Types of US Virtual Numbers

Unlike many other UK virtual landline services, my Country Mobile offers a simple way to connect your with outbound calling. Make outbound calls internationally using however our web-based Softphone. You can use your web-based phone number for your custom caller Id. Instantly 917 Area Code set up new SIP trunk lines from any UK virtual telephone line. Monitor the performance and dispositions of all outbound representatives with detailed analytics. There are many layers of VoIP data centers worldwide that ensure high-quality calls and reliable failover routing.

UK Virtual Landlines - My Country Mobile
UK Virtual Landlines - My Country Mobile

How to Buy a UK Virtual Landline

Virtual landlines are however readily available in the United Kingdom. Therefore cost only $4.49/year! Call rates can vary depending on therefore chosen service package. Each UK virtual number plan includes 20+ business features however at no additional expense. My Country Mobile provides non-geographic therefore digital phone numbers within the UK.  UK Virtual Landlines can now be similarly bought online. You will  however receive a $5 credit, and it will set up instantly.

My Country Mobile makes it easy to set up however virtual telephone numbers in the UK. In addition, online ordering of UK-based virtual phones is possible. Therefore request customized 917 Area Code pricing, schedule a demonstration, or search our worldwide databank for a new digital phone, complete the quick form.