Toll-free 877 Numbers Your Way To Success

Are you looking for a toll-free 877 number for your business? Well, you are at the right place. Let’s dig deep into what toll-free 877 Numbers or vanity numbers are and how they will benefit your business.


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So what are toll-free numbers?

Do you want to increase the credibility of your business by making it easy for your customers to contact you? Then toll-free numbers such as toll-free 877 numbers are the way to go.

In business domain, every business formulates strategies to succeed, while several factors contribute to create a brand image and professionalism, one of the most important aspects is the ease with which your customers can reach you. And toll-free numbers like toll-free 877 numbers are the sure way to that kind of success to create for your business a brand identity.

In USA, Canada, and other countries taking part in the numbering plan of north america, a toll free number has typically one area code like 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.


So what are toll-free numbers?

Advantages of toll-free 877 numbwer

Taking advantage of a toll free number for your business will give more access to both your existing and potential customers to reach you. It will increase your market share. Also, your business will grow in an unimaginable way within a short period.

Tollfree number
Toll free phone system will establish your brand as a legitimate and professional business. Engaging toll free numbers like toll-free 877 numbers will give you an edge over your competitors.

Some important features of toll-free 877 numbers every business must have

Toll free numbers come loaded with useful features that make businesses to easily grow into profitability.

Vanity Number

Typically, vanity numbers are quite costly. They have a unique feature of allowing you to attach your brand number to the phone code for easy memorization. Because of that, your customers will find it easy to remember your phone number to reach you through. For instance, if you run a shoe store business, your vanity number can be like this 1800-SHOE-STORE.

Voice Interactive Response (IVR)

This important feature gives your customer service great power to manage efforts of your customers to reach your business. It provides facility to run pre-recorded messages such as interactive voice prompts, music on hold, notices and announcements etc. to your customers.

Call Recording function

With call recording, you can record calls and conversations to be reviewed later. Normally, there may be huge number of calls coming in daily, which makes it not easy to make notes on each of them. The call recording function comes in handy with toll-free 877 numbers to assist in that regards.

Call Routing

This is a strategic call management technique which automatically queues and move incoming calls based on a predefined set of guiding rules and policies. It enables the redirecting of a toll free call to other numbers like mobile and landline telephone numbers. This can be achieved with 877 and other toll in the toll free set of numbers.

Text Messages

Toll-free numbers like toll-free 877 numbers present text messages capabilities. Customers can send short messages in the form of text to your customer service who will read and send response accordingly. As much as I know, there are no toll free service phone systems that do not possess this feature.

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