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With MCM, you can search, provision, and manage South Africa toll-free numbers online. As a result, MCM is the most reliable toll-free provider in South Africa.

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Steps to Buy South African NumberOnline

Set up your global toll-free number in just a few simple steps with MCM, and you’ll be able to take advantage of our affordable plans.

Select your Phone Line


Pick your new toll-free number in the online shopping cart, or select local and non-geographic phone numbers from 170+ countries. You may also port in any MCM numbers you own with this service!

Allot Toll-Free Forwarding Rules

After purchasing your South African 0800 numbers online, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for logging in and navigating the platform. Then, once you're ready to go beyond just configuration options like setting up IVR menus or managing self-service account accesses—you can start using features that will make life easier!

Start connecting with consumers

If you're looking for crystal-clear voice services, look no further than our team! Our experts will reach out to confirm your account so that we can ensure the best service possible.

Business Toll-Phone Number South-Africa

The great thing about 0800 numbers is that you can use them without being charged. Manage your South-Africa toll-free line from MCM’s intuitive interface or route calls through the existing phone system to save money on expensive calling cards!

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Consumer Reviews

There’s a reason that thousands of businesses worldwide trust MCM as their toll-free service provider. So have a look. Why is it so?

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MCM is more than just a toll-free service provider. Whether for South Africa or your home country, we provide all the business phone services you need!

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• Get a National number that works anywhere in South Africa at the same price as a local call.

• Have city-specific numbers for local callers to reach you.

• Choose from various phone line options to find the perfect one for your business.


FAQs for South Africa 0800 Number

With MCM, you can find the perfect South Africa toll-free phone number for your business without breaking a sweat. Your call volume will determine how much it costs per minute, and several different plans are available starting at $34.99 monthly!

You can order a South Africa toll-free number in the online shopping cart and set it up within 30 minutes or less. We will activate your new business phone number as soon as you purchase, so all that’s left to do is enter your details!

MCM has access to the largest database and will find what you need.

MCM is here for you! Porting your toll-free numbers to our network can help with high call volumes. In addition, you may be eligible to get paid if it’s something that interests and excites you.

To obtain an 0800 number in South Africa, you will need to provide your end user details, Letter of Intent, Proof of address, and Country Business Address.

MCM offers businesses the best international toll-free number service, including our cloud contact center software.