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Humanize your business with  more personalized interactions of canadian sms. Try any Canadian phone number that’s texting-friendly and risk-free!

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Canadian SMS Phone Number without any risk

With Canada phone numbers with SMS, you can receive and respond to incoming text messages from your email. Start engaging with your customers from anywhere by setting up a local or toll-free Canada number and text-enabled messages. Our automated SMS service makes it easy for your customers to reach out and get in touch with you.

Your emails are automatically turned into text messages delivered on your device. In addition, MCM offers Canada SMS numbers with inbound and outbound voice and advanced call forwarding options. You can enjoy 20+ business phone features for free! Try it without any risk.

Virtual Phone Number in Canada for Business Voice and SMS

Get your business in contact with customers more efficiently and effectively by adding a text-enabled Canada number from MCM. It will allow you to integrate voice features like call forwarding, automatic routing, recording calls & voicemail transcriptions, all at no extra cost! So you can finally get all your voice and text communications in one place, that too quickly and incredibly affordable.


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Your messages will be sent when you purchase Canada phone numbers with SMS online. After checking the email for login.

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MCM provides a free demo of our platform and custom pricing. If you have questions, contact us today!

Here are a few steps for buying a Canadian Phone Number with SMS Online


Select your Local SMS or Toll-Free Number in Canada

Select a Canada-based phone number with text messaging capabilities. These numbers are designated.


Select Your Service Plan

There are many different text message volumes, so choose the right one for your needs. But, of course, you can always change this later on!


Look Over Your Confirmation Mail

As soon as you buy, we'll email you all the info. So click on that link and start customizing your Canada Number's SMS features immediately!

20+ Business Features come with a Virtual SMS Number From Canada

Why settle for anything less than the most? MCM offers exceptional value and premium features that any company could hope to use.

canadian sms

FAQs related to Canada SMS Virtual Phone Number

You can have a Canada phone number for text messages within minutes of ordering. The process is simple and quick, with an activation time between 5-30 minutes!

You can send your text message through our system. It will format your email signature and make it look like a regular conversation!

The use of our business SMS feature is not just for ticketing. You can forward texts to application email addresses, such as CRM or customer support team’s address, so your company’s operations are more accessible!

Your message may be broken up into multiple messages if it’s over 160 characters.

Yes, we do support emojis.

You can now set up a text messaging service with any local or toll-free number from the US, Canada, and many other countries. Also, soon we are planning to add international texting.