Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier

Small Business Tools To Make Your Life Easier If you want to run a small successfully, your time and efforts are precious. You might not even have specific skills. However, small business owners have a lot of options. We’ve collected ten incredible tools that will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief, from accounting to marketing to communicating.

Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier

Wave is your accounting one-stop-shop It was specifically designed to help small businesses

Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier Small 903 Area Code Tools To Make Your Life Easier The Square is straightforward. It allows you to accept debit or credit cards as payments. You can accept credit cards, regardless of whether you are in eCommerce or running a business from a brick & mortar location. Square can be used online only. Or you can order a card reader to use in-store. Integrations let transactions be automatically uploaded to your accounting software.

Their pricing is just as simple as their service: you'll pay 2.75% for every swipe, online sale, or paid invoice, or for each keyed-in transaction. Unlimited chat rooms, video chat. Drag and drop file share, screen sharing, as well as a mobile app. Small Business Tools To Make Your Life Easier You can also connect to a variety of integrations. Plans range from $0 for HipChat basic to $2 per user per month for their Plus plan.

Let's you communicate and collaborate with your team in one place. It enables you to stay connected, no matter where your team is located. HipChat includes many features like persistent IM. With Odesk, you can search their vast database of contractors and freelancers to find excellent candidates, schedule and conduct virtual interviews, assign and track workflow, and even handle payment. Pricing for Odesk varies based on the type

of work you're looking for and the individual freelancer or contractor. Dashlane can describe as the password manager with steroids. While it may be safer to use the same easy-to-crack password for all your accounts, it can be challenging to remember dozens. So along with the Password Manager, Dashlane also offers Autofill - for digital forms - and Digital Wallet - to keep payment options safe online.

HipChat Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier

Small Business Tools To Make Your Life Easier Prices range from $0 for the Free plan to per user per year for their Premium plan. Above all, Boost Suite enables small businesses to optimize their web marketing. It is ideal for those who are new to marketing and those with limited experience. Boost Suite analyzes the marketing data you have and identifies areas that need improvement. It then assigns you tasks to complete. It's like having a marketing manager explain precisely what you should be doing to maximize your marketing. BoostSuite offers two plans - Professional and Free Forever.

Odesk works excellent when you need extra help but are not ready to hire full-time employees.

Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier Their Pro plan costs just $19 per calendar month. Protection's focus is on swag marketing, which makes it pretty cool. Protection is your number one choice, whether you need your logo printed on tee-shirts, coffee cups, or stickers. But, hey, offer you Inventory Management and bulk orders, the ability to run marketing campaigns - giveaways, events, and social giveaways - address import, and many API integrations. Pricing varies, but they have three basic plans ranging from $79 per month to over $999 per month. HubSpot is a leading provider of marketing software.


Above all, Their comprehensive tools handle everything, from SEO to social media to lead generation. Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier Their software is easy to use and flexible enough for small businesses. It can also take marketing as you grow. In addition, HubSpot's team offers support and A+ assistance.


Small Business Tools To Make Life Easier With plans ranging from $200 to $2,400 a month, they're one of the more expensive marketing tools, but the price bump comes with tremendous capability.To remind you of important events, you can set follow-up reminds. These reminders will only be sent if there is no reply. Boomerang also has an exciting feature called "boomerang." Boomerang will archive your email based on when it is needed again.


The wave includes Invoicing, Accounting (Payroll), Payroll and Payments, as well as Receipts. Access your financial information from any device you own, as long as there's an internet connection. Accounting can be a massive headache, so having software to take care of it saves you loads of time, stress, and money. Boomerang keeps busy minds. Boomerang connects with your Gmail account. Small Business Tools To Make Your Life Easier Then, boomerang lets you set reminders for follow-up emails, schedule emails, and "boomerang" access from your smartphone.


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