Outbound Termination

Outbound termination is a process of terminating the call beyond the subscribed route. Call routing is used to remove the ring to a specific destination number. The objective of Termination is to change the prospect's thinking process, which will lead to a sales call and finally a sale. Many people are using the Outbound Termination services provided by My Country Mobile(MCM).


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Who uses My Country Mobile Outbound Termination?

When you use MCM Outbound Termination, you can connect to the opportunities at their local phone numbers without having to pay for a long-distance call. Therefore, the service allows telemarketers to save money to a great extent. Inbound Termination is used by telemarketers to connect directly to the prospects. Inbound Termination is to help the telemarketers to reduce costs of long-distance calls. 

Outbound termination means terminating a call in a way that is not automated. It is an integral part of the call handling process for call centers, especially for large centers.

Who uses My Country Mobile


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SIP Termination - My Country Mobile

SIP Trunking

My Country Mobile is a leading provider of SIP Trunking services. A SIP trunk is a secure internet protocol-based trunk. It is an IP trunk that uses SIP signaling protocol to carry voice.


VoIP Traffic

VoIP traffic that is purchased in bulk and is used for reselling purposes. Not all mobile phones can call internationally, which is why you should use MCM to call your loved ones.


Calling Card

VoIP traffic that is purchased in bulk and is used for reselling purposes. Not all mobile phones can call internationally, which is why you should use MCM to call your loved ones.

PSTN Termination

PSTN Termination is a service that allows you to terminate calls from the public telephone network to your office or PBX and to have the signal converted from PSTN to VoIP.

What are the benefits of MCM Outbound Termination?

One of the main benefits is that you can gain a more competitive advantage in the marketplace. By outsourcing your termination services to a third party, you’re able to focus on your core competencies, effectively allowing you to expand your business while focusing on your main business goals.

Outbound termination is the most common type of Termination in telephony because it is the simplest to implement. This is mainly used when the number you want to receive calls from is not directly accessible from the phone


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Outbound Termination


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Outbound Termination


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Outbound Termination


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Outbound Termination


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