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international call forwarding

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international call forwarding

What Is Call Forwarding & How Does It Function?

Call forwarding is an incredible characteristic or feature of phone systems. It works fascinatingly and directs the incoming calls efficiently to the other mobile phone numbers. Plus, call forwarding is also somehow referred to as call transfer.

Thanks to the super amazing technological benefits, it will enable you to efficiently route calls the same as the biggest companies with separate call centers. Even you can also manage your phone class on just one phone with this high-rated technique.

With Call Forwarding, Stay Connected with Other Businesses

My Country Mobile includes the best call forwarding services. Our services will allow you to handle incoming business calls on any of your devices with great ease, to any location or institution—ringing them simultaneously. Just use the most efficient custom answering rules for routing calls effectively with a caller ID any day of the week.

international call forwarding

Take Your Business to the next level

Receive business calls anytime, at any location, on any device..

With My Country Mobile services, forward your phone call smoothly to any phone number, like home, office, or even any personal phone number - ensuring that your calls answer all the time.

Forward calls to any department, group, or phone number sequentially.

You can even specify how many times every phone exactly rings to the next phone number very easily.

It's convenient to forward your calls based on the date range, caller ID information, the specific time, and more, ensuring that you receive calls that are mostly prioritized and routed to the right department or person quickly.

Here Are Some Pivotal Call
Forwarding Benefits

Call Forwarding Enhances your Team Availability

Before cell phones, people were only able to get voicemail whenever someone was not there in the office. Yes, this could simply lead to very long games or “phone tag” or “voicemail tag.” In this case, two parties kept leaving important messages and missing each other’s incoming calls. Fortunately, when call forwarding is active, our virtual service representatives will send calls immediately send call any of the phones, even if they are at a long distance – so that the clients can easily get the aid they need at that time

Call Forwarding Makes It Convenient to Travel For Workers


The work cannot be done easily sitting simply in a cubicle in many industries. Mostly the salesmen look for onsite opportunities. The same is the case in the construction industry and lots of other working fields. Real estate agents usually show the home in front of the customers rather than waiting for their calls sitting at desks. With call forwarding, a person can answer calls quite efficiently, and you even do not have to choose between mobility and nice customer service. Overall, employees have the liberty to travel wherever they want to, and their essential calls incredibly following.

Call Forwarding Boosts The Presence of Your Company

Call forwarding is not restricted to your employee’s phone number or office number. With it, you can boost your company’s presence and make things easy peasy for the visitors. Even if you’ve one office and not a big regional business, you can simply set up lots of local numbers that are mainly forward to the mainline. Plus, if your clients are mostly from any other state, there is no need to make a conditional call or long-distance call; they can place the call in their own area code with My Country Mobile call forwarding service


Explore Unlimited Call Forwarding Options
With My Country Mobile


VoIP App Call forwarding

Forward calls on unlimited phone numbers, thanks to My Country Mobile's VoIP app that is easily accessible to all smartphones and computers. This app even makes it possible to set up calls with great flexibility, doesn't matter in which country you're sitting.

Forward Your Calls according to Accessibility

With gsm networks, transfer the calls to external phone numbers or any colleagues depending on the availability rules anytime. It will make sure that someone is on hand always for convert the lead immediately to a super amazing business opportunity.

Schedule Call transfer

Grab the outstanding opportunities with Call forwarding any time of the day! According to the set time framework for different staff shifts, set up call forwarding for even the already planned breaks. My Country Mobile allows you to make connections to any institution or place of your choice.

Local Presence Establishment

Give your caller incredible ways to reach you; your global callers will even feel inclined to dial tone into the local number of their own country. Plus, you can also redirect the calls with call forwarding—from any line dialed to a single number, making it simpler to handle an international call center

Why Call Forwarding Is Essential
To Boost Businesses?

Call forwarding is not actually what it used to be in the past years. It has greatly evolved into a wonderful phone system feature and is more useful now with the best local phone company worldwide. Whether the business has just one phone to listen to calls or 30 employees, it can exceptionally streamline the best way you handle your calls.

It Is Becoming a High-End Tool

Consider the conceit of recording technology. Musicians would not even try to add any features to their own recorded songs 30 years ago. And, they had just no way at all to clean up the recordings in order to make them professional—they always had to go to an expensive, large studio.

Now, there are standard and efficient tools available to almost everyone. The same is the case in today’s business phone systems. Our call forwarding makes it highly possible to efficiently route incoming calls just as the big authorized company, no matter exactly how many mobile phones you have.

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