India Call Centre Software

 Set up your call center software india like never before.

  1. User-Friendly Software Platform:-Get started with your cloud-based contact centre instantly. Handle clients and system attributes from an intuitive, browser-based interface.

  2. The best global voice network:-Save money with our low rates and no contracts. Get a phone number in 170+ countries. Assign a local caller ID for outbound calls in 80+ countries .Use your softphone or mobile app.
  3. Low cost of Ownership:-No setup charges and No Contracts.

Have all your contact center & Voice tools under one roof

Eliminate the need for multiple tools and interfaces to manage your contact center. Improve caller satisfaction with more integrated customer service capabilities. Reduce errors and automate tasks like call logging. Manage remote agents more easily and effectively.

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Essential, Cheap & User-Friendly Contact Centre Platform

Cloud Platform

Handle Your Contact Centre In The Cloud

  • Flawless Setup & Support – Get started in just 1-2 days.Enjoy a VIP onboarding experience. Get 24/7/365 live support.

  • Worldwide Voice Architecture –  MCM offers the highest call quality and capacity in the industry. MCM has a global reach with a local presence in over 60 countries. MCM is always expanding, so you can be sure that your needs will be met now and in the future.

  • Amalgamate in Minutes – Automate tasks such as customer creation, order entry, and more to save time. With everything integrated into one place, you’ll spend less time managing different technologies and more time serving customers.

  • Merged Call Center Telephony –  Get call center software india in any area code you need. Reduce telecom management complexity. Provision and manage all your carriers on one platform. Save time and money with automated telecom processes


Handle Your Contact Center’s Call Routing Rules From Intuitive Interface

  • Handle Telephony for over 170+ Countries –  Instantly provision phone numbers in 170+ countries. Our redundant network provides unbeatable call quality. Easily add or remove users and call center software india as your business grows.

  • Smartly Route Callers Automatically –  Automate your IVR menus to handle more calls with ease. Enjoy unlimited options for call handling with our powerful IVR system.

  • Call Surveil & Trace Performance – Get real-time insights into your call centre’s performance Coach agents to improve their performance. Identify and fix problems before they become bigger issues.

  • CRM Amalgamation –   Improve customer interactions with contextual screen pops of customer data. Speed up workflows and improve first call resolution rates. Reduce training time for new agents with easy-to-use CRM integration

Cloud Call Center Software For Business


Worldwide Outbound Dialling Attributes Included with Your Contact Centre Software

 Manage your teams easily by the flawless blending of incoming and outgoing calling Attributes.


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Easily make and take calls from a secure softphone directly in your browser. Never miss another call, with the included softphone and caller ID. 

Local Existence Dialling

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Boost contact rates and response rates with localised caller ID.Available in over 80 countries for businesses looking to expand their reach.


Click to Dial icon

 Increase efficiency by making calls with one click, without having to copy and paste numbers or type them in manually. Keep your leads organised and accessible in one place by integrating with your CRM platform. 

Guide Your Agents to Increase Performance

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Supervisors can coach their team to better performance in real-time with the help of live dashboards and call whisper/barge features. . Get accurate, objective feedback on agent performance.

Surveillance and Reporting

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Encourage Call Centre Agents, Surveillance of Conversions & Improve Customer Service

Achieve and maintain quality customer service standards Monitor team performance in near-real time. Improve agent productivity and motivation


Live Dashboards and Analytics

 Easily monitor your contact centre’s KPIs in real-time.Get instant alerts for important changes. Track call volumes, agent activities, and customer success metrics

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Shared and Scheduled Reports

 Keep your finger on the pulse of your contact centre with real-time dashboards and analytics. Drill down into specific data points to get a clear understanding of what’s happening.


Real-time Quality Surveillance

 Monitor your key metrics in real-time Get performance dashboards with customizable widgets Record and attach feedback notes to call recordings

Amalgamate With Technologies

Streamline Your Work and stay connected with MCM’s Amalgamations 

Best Call Centre Solutions in the cloud :-

 Vast experience with 20 years of service. Emerging solutions gaining adoption All-in-one platform for successful global cloud communications


With MCM, it will take just 2-3 days to set up your call centre software in India 

You can Integrate your cloud contact centre and CRM, WFM, helpdesks, and other tech platforms.

Yes, agents can select a local caller ID number for outbound calls 

MCM includes Global SIP Trunking and outbound caller ID numbers.