How to Connect Facebook Messenger

Allow clients to use Facebook messenger when contacting your company. So Your Facebook page can be interconnected to My Country Mobile so that clients can receive all inquiries from different sources in one application. How to Connect Facebook Messenger Start the web application to associate Facebook courier with My Country Mobile. Click on the settings symbol at the base left. Next, navigate to Company Settings > > Customer Service > Facebook.

These are the steps to messenger facebook connect at least one page to My Country Mobile.

Click +, Click the + button also Check yourself, We will contact you to verify your Facebook account and allow us access. Select page(s), Choose which Facebook pages you want to interface with My Country Mobile. It will appear in the rundown whenever you add a Facebook page.

How to Connect Facebook Messenger

Each section of the rundown will include the name also contact information for the page.

To get to the options, float your mouse over the rundown section.

How to Connect Facebook Messenger Interface group

Everyone in the organization can access all questions. For questions not answered by the page, you can contact another Customer Administration group.

You can delete the page.

This will end the association between My Country Mobile & Facebook. As a result, my Country Mobile will no longer receive client inquiries from your Facebook page.

Add a Messenger button on your Facebook page.

If you do not have a Messenger button on your Facebook page, which allows clients to send you queries, you can follow these steps.

Go to your homepage

Explore your Facebook Page

Add button

Click on “+Add a button.”

Select Messenger

Choose from the following options: Contact you, Send a message.

Therefore, You will now see the Send Message button on your Facebook page. This allows clients to send questions to your group via Facebook Messenger.

Approaching inquires

Your Facebook page will display any inquiries you have, and they can be answered in the same way as other inquiries. It is worth checking which questions come from which Facebook pages.