]How to call Peru from the US is one of the nations that are developing rapidly, boasting a high level of education and a low percentage of poverty (19 percent). As a result, Peru is an appealing country to invest in foreign ventures. Peru provides numerous reasons to start your own business or grow an established one. Cost of wagesIts counterparts in the developed world and its dividends Policy of non-restrictive

If you want to market your services or products to Peruvian clients, you’ll need an avenue to contact them when you start a Peru business. Likewise, your clients will need to have a way of getting you if they have questions regarding your products or need assistance. We’ll talk about precisely what we’ll be discussing in this post. You can make calls to Peru from the US through this article.

How do I call Peru from the USA?

Step 1.Enter the US International Exit Code.

Every country has an exit number that permits people to call outside the country. For example, dial Peru to call Peru and dial the US international escape number (i.e.).011. 

Step 2. Enter the Peru Country Code

Like an exit code, each country has its own unique code, which allows the user to make a call. 51. Make sure to enter it after the US International Exit Code.

Step 3: Type in the geocode of the area you would like to dial from within Peru

Peru has a two-digit code that can be used for every region except Lima or Callao. To connect your call to Peru, you need to use the code in line with the US international escape code and Peru country codes.

For instance, you’ll need to dial Machu Picchu with the Cusco area codes (i.e.

These area codes pertain to the most popular areas of Peru.

Step 4: Call the local number.

The last step is to dial local numbers. These numbers usually have eight to nine characters.

The format you use to call Peru (Machu Picchu), the USA from your phone will be similar to this:

It’s easy to call Peru from the US. However, if not follow the steps correctly, it will cost you more.

This is the reason we strongly recommend that you use a business phone.

Benefits to a Business Phone System in Peru for calling Peru from the US

Business phones offer many advanced features like IVR, Interactive Voice Response power dialer, and call barging.

But this isn’t the only aspect. There are many more things to a business phone system than its features. So let’s see why you should choose a business telephone system to call Peru from America.

Virtual telephone number virtual phone numbers are an excellent method to create a local presence in Peru. Peru numbers can also be purchased to make it appear like you are calling coming from Peru. This will eliminate the need to use either the Peru country code or the US international escape code.

All you need is the geocode for the region and the number of the contact.

Your clients in Peru will be able to reach you via a toll-free phone number.

  1. Cost Savings

Business phone systems cut down on call costs even when you make calls to a different country. Therefore, business phone systems are cost-effective regardless of whether your purpose is to make calls to Peru from other countries.

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol System) should offer a flat-pricing system with call recording and analytics features.

  1. Better call quality

Business phone systems use the internet to route calls.

CallHippo, as well as VoIP providers, also take extra steps to ensure smooth and smooth calls.

  1. Highly Flexible and Scalable

However, The business you have in Peru will grow, and you will need more staff to answer and make calls. In addition, a traditional business line will incur higher hardware and telephone charges for billing. Not to mention the extra time it takes to set up these systems.

Meanwhile, It takes just a few minutes it takes to upgrade (or decrease) the business phone system. Then, just make the necessary changes to your business plan.