With MCM, put patient care foremost

Keeping your patients healthy and happy starts with an excellent customer service experience. That is why we’re connecting healthcare and pharma brands to their customers in new ways, through voice messaging on the phone or an online chat interface, for instance.


A Way to Modernize Your International Communications

Global communications are critical when any conversation could be dangerous, and you need a reliable platform to keep your connection. In addition, you can personalize the customer experience with MCM to ensure each patient feels valued. 

The leading healthcare and pharma brands have a single platform that enables them to communicate and coordinate efforts across different locations. In addition, MCM offers a range of communication solutions to meet your needs. For example, they can help you connect with the right representative or support successful product trials!

In addition, we have SMS messaging that allows us an opportunity for constant contact regarding customer feedback.

Grow Your Business Bedside Etiquette

When you make a patient feel safe and cared for after every call, they will be more likely to come back in the future. MCM’s communication platform offers this capability for leading healthcare and pharma, pharmaceutical and medical device brands through its ability to allow team members around any location to connect seamlessly with their customers at all times, ensuring they remain top.

Fast Call Routing

 MCM has developed a cloud-based solution that makes scheduling appointments and connecting with your team more accessible than ever. Intelligent call routing matches the right person with every patient, ensuring that your first contact is always a great experience. In addition, the first call resolution is increased with this system because your staff can reduce their handle time.

Business toll free number
Business toll free number

Higher Call Quality & Global Resilience

With our years of experience, we have provided leading health and pharmaceutical brands with cloud-based services that are fully redundant. We’re proud to offer a range of direct services that let you focus on what matters – caring for your patients.

Help Consumers in Worldwide Markets

With the help of our team, you can be sure that your customers will receive reliable communication options for purchasing and receiving support on their medical devices. MCM provides access to a world-class inventory of hard-to-get international numbers, with superior call quality and connectivity.

Business toll free numbers

Connect with more Patients
using the Local Number

Experience the convenience of always knowing where your customers are with MCM’s new Local Number service, which provides reliable 2-way voice communication and guaranteed in-country CLI for hard-to-reach countries like China, Russia, Malaysia, and many more.


Bring Variety Products to Market with MCM

It’s vital to have an accessible and convenient communications loop between clinical research teams, patients, caregivers, or subjects of interest. To protect your communications with MCM, With advanced routing and call queueing, you can be sure that each customer is getting the right person every time!



Get Response to Drive Innovation

MCM provides a solution that allows pharmaceutical companies to collect valuable insights from their clinical trials. Regionally-based companies can now connect with their customers in real-time for feedback, concerns, or insights on their products. In addition, our reliable SMS messaging service will let you reach out to potential trial prospects based on what interests them most, regardless of where they are located!

Make it Simple for Consumers to Get Answers

Let's give your customers the answers they need quickly and intuitively. Callers won't experience long waits, and you can better optimize your team's time with our Queue Callback Technology. You'll cut costs while increasing customer satisfaction rates


Your Provider doesn't Matter

You can still get excellent call quality when you need it with an established PBX or Contact Center provider. Stay connected with your customers while getting access to a full range of features and benefits through our SIP integrations. You'll be able to stay in touch on five continents, all thanks to MCM's voice platform.

Every Call Offers a Customized Patient Experience

You can show your members that they matter to the company with a personalized and caring tone of voice. As a result, the world’s leading health and pharmaceutical brands are using MCM’s communications platform to integrate the technologies that matter most seamlessly.With one easy-to-use platform, you can connect your CRM or Helpdesk with Chat for a seamless experience that lets agents work more efficiently.

Increase Customer Focus by Automating Workflows


Your team will be more productive when they can spend time on the calls with their customers. With our platform, you can connect the technologies your business needs to automate tedious processes and increase productivity across all departments.

 Member Data at your Fingertips


 Giving your team the information they want before picking up the phone to speak with consumers will impact their business. MCM helps you be more personal and improve patient satisfaction by having all the essential customer details on your webphone before answering a call.