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Bound to some certain concern, Gosub, extension, or circumstance, conserving the return handle.


Ever since: Asterisk 1.2

Gosub([[[[circumstance |]expansion |]Concern )

Asterisk 1.6

Gosub([[[[circumstance |]expansion |]Concern (arg1,arg2,…))

Asterisk 10

Gosub([[context,]exten, respectively ]concern [(arg1[,…][,argN])])


Establish the concern into this chosen price, proactively placing the expansion and the circumstance too. Observe the major disagreements to Gosub are discretionary, SMS, perhaps not the tracking debates. Any such thing at these parentheses is person invest in palms ($undefine, $undefine). All these are discretionary and rely upon your own coding of this functionality.


Gosub(expansion, concern)

Yield Codes

Returns 0or -1 in the provided circumstance, expansion, or defect would be not possible.

1.6 if reuniting is known as using a value It’s saved in $undefined


Adding a distance following commas dividing the parameters are going to lead to unexpected outcomes.


Gosub(coexisting, Inch, 1 ) )

Will search to get an expansion” 1″, i.e. using a previous space personality.

Q:” Should you Go-to out from this Macro number circumstance, then the Macro will finish, and the command will probably reunite in the place Referred into from the Go-to.

I presumed that I could transform the Macro into some GoSub regular, however, also the documentation will not point out what the results are in the event that you go-to out. It will not nevertheless mention the yield speech becomes. Push on the pile. Therefore I am a tiny worried in regards to their condition of the pile basically only go-to out. Can I predict StackPop very first?

A: sure, that’s the goal of the StackPop operate API: to clear away the past heap framework without having returning into the Gosub spot. Be aware that in the event that you’d some neighbourhood factors (or discussions ), people can likewise be rid with all the implementation of this StackPop app (as well as also the preceding worth ( if any, will probably yield ).

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