Germany Virtual Phone Number

You can search, provision, and manage German virtual numbers with MCM online. As a result, MCM is the most reliable virtual number provider in Germany.


Get a Virtual Phone Number for business in Germany

MCM offers the most comprehensive range of virtual phone services, including German VoIP numbers and business features with an intuitive web-based interface.

Handle German Virtual Number from a World-Renowned Platform

Get all the features built-in with Germany virtual number.

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Handle Calls from an Intuitive Online Interface

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to manage phone numbers and business features with comprehensive tools.

1. Receive Calls From Anywhere

Forward your calls to any number of devices, including extensions and voicemail boxes. You can even record them

2. Logging Call & Reports

Get real-time insights into how your calls are going with a button click.

3. Explore, Provide & Port German Phone Numbers

Keep your existing phone numbers with a seamless transition to the new network. Get ready for national, international, or local virtual calls in just minutes!


Dial Outbound Calls with Local Called Id

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to manage phone numbers and business features with comprehensive tools.

1. Outbound Caller ID

You can call MCM's Local numbers with guaranteed caller ID in Germany and get a 2-way voice conversation.

2. Scalable Outbound Dialing

With our outbound voice service, you can easily integrate your existing system or take advantage of MCM's softphone.

3. Clear Voice Quality

We can set up toll-free, national, and local virtual numbers for your business in Germany or abroad. You'll be able to keep all the existing lines with our seamless porting experience!

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How to Switch to VoIP

Network Reliability

Backed by 24/7 Support with Secured VOIP Network

MCM’s worldwide VOIP Network of 50+ Tier networks is marked by

1. Proactive Fraud Monitoring

Your business will be alerted to any traffic abnormalities and live monitoring of calls ending in high-risk locations.

2. Encrypted, Secured VOIP SIP

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption helps ensure your call is private and secure from hackers.

3. 99.995% Uptime

Your call experience will always remain on point, thanks to our commitment to high-quality and reliable calls.

4. 24/7 Support

Our 24/7 monitoring team proactively watches for any suspicious activity on our end-user accounts.

5. 4.2 Global MOS

With call monitoring and agent coaching features like live dashboards, barge calls to agents during working hours, or score them on their performance with an easy-to-use scoring system, you can take advantage of all the data available in one place.

Affordable Pricing

Low-Cost Cloud Call Center Solutions

MCM saves you money by automating your virtual call centers to run more efficiently and with improved quality.

1. Get more for less

The monthly plans start at just $19.99, a meager price for the Number of features and integrations included in this software! Annual subscriptions can save you even more, so don't wait any longer

2. Remove Startup Costs

MCM's dedicated experts will help you establish and optimize your virtual call center within days. This service has no setup fees, cancellation costs, or expensive implementations!

3. Get Paid for Transferring Number

Get one month of calls for free when you port your telephone number to MCM. No matter how many minutes or hours worth, we'll make sure it's enough time with our low rates!

4. Save more on VOIP Telephony

MCM is the world's leading voice and data solutions provider, with 20 years of experience optimizing our VoIP network for efficiency. It's not uncommon for call center software providers to buy large numbers of potential customers before selling them at higher rates.

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High-quality VOIP Calling in Germany & Beyond

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Virtual Germany Numbers for Business Need

Different types of phone numbers in Germany include

1. Toll-Free

Free phone numbers that are professional-looking and easy to remember.

2. Local-DID

Local Numbers Dial Codes are a great way to ensure your Number is always displayed as local when making outbound calls.

3. National

Numbers that are easy to remember and can be reached anywhere in Germany at the same price as a local call.


Universal's toll-free numbers are the best way to reach customers in 60+ countries worldwide!


Steps to Buy German Virtual Number Online

1) Select your Phone Number

Pick your new toll-free Number in the online shopping cart. You may also select local and nongeographic phone numbers from 170+ countries or port to MCM, which will be more affordable.

2) Configure Call Forwarding Settings

After purchasing your Germany number online, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for logging in and navigating the platform. Then, once you're ready to go beyond just configuration options like setting up IVR menus or managing self-service account accesses—you can start using features that will make life easier!

3) Start connecting with consumers

If you're looking for crystal-clear voice services in Germany and beyond, look no further than our team! Our experts will reach out to confirm your account so that we can ensure the best service possible.


FAQs for Germany Virtual Numbers.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be up and running with a new business number. If it doesn’t match what’s listed on your company email account- don’t worry! An expert from MCM will reach out to confirm that everything is correct before activating the line for use in Germany.

With MCM, you can keep your existing virtual numbers in Germany and enjoy the benefits of our excellent customer service. Transfer over any phone lines from VoIP providers like IP Voice or Page One Dialup; we’ll take care of everything else for a seamless transition!

If you’re looking for a reliable phone number that can be used as your outbound caller ID, look no further than MCM numbers. These designated TrueLocal calling cards will give the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

No special documentation is required for the Germany Business phone number.

MCM Provides local virtual numbers in almost all german cities.

  • Munich Virtual Number: +89
  • Hamburg Virtual Number: +49
  • Frankfurt Virtual Number: +69 or +335
  • Berlin Virtual Number: +30


The German virtual phone number services for businesses MCM offers are the best in the industry. They include International VoIP Numbers, Virtual Contact Centers, and Global SIP Trunking to help you communicate with customers around any part of the world from one central location.