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All phone numbers come with advanced call management capabilities for Jamaica

Incoming Call Distribution

Inbound calls can now be routed to all offices instead of just one office. You can create a virtual phone number destination by making a call queue/ring group. The queue/ring group will call all employees within the office either simultaneously or sequentially, depending on your preferences. It allows a number to be forwarded to any type of phone that a person might have. 


Jamaica Localized Numbers

If your office is located in another area than your customers, you can assign a local number to your telephone line. It allows you to establish a local presence, reducing the cost of incoming calls. Customers will also be more likely to answer local numbers than unfamiliar area codes.You can use it in many ways, including marketing, screening, forwarding calls to your mainline, and even forwarding them.

Marketing Campaigns Integrating

You can track key customer metrics using your virtual phone line. For example, a campaign assigns a unique number in multiple CRM systems. In addition, it allows you to see who is calling the campaign. These data will help you assess the effectiveness of a campaign.

Jamaica Receive Calls From Any Location.

To receive calls, you don’t have to be present physically. You can assign a unique number to a campaign in many CRM systems. It allows you to see if anyone is calling that campaign. Fewer equipment charges


Jamaica Virtual Phone Can Help Businesses Save Thousands On Telephony Costs

Jamaica’s goal is to make and receive high-quality phone calls regardless of where you are located. Virtual phone numbers are available from Canada and the United States. You can use our virtual phone number to make voice calls, faxes, and send text messages. Jamaica allows anyone to get virtual. It can use on any device with an internet connection and a phone number.Virtual phone numbers are the best way to offer a single point-of-contact for customers. For example, Jamaica can provide a single number to route calls to various call centers located in different areas. Jamaica also allows multiple extensions, even if you only have one physical address. You can use it as a personal or business number. It can be either a local or long-distance number. Can register Virtual phone numbers anywhere on the planet.


VoIP For Business

VoIP for business is an excellent way of running a business. Similarly, it can help you save money on your phone bills and increase productivity.

Flexibility & Cost Saving

Virtual phone numbers offer flexibility in hardware and endless possibilities for localization, as well as tons of cost-saving opportunities. Businesses of any size can use them.

Jamaica Physically Present

It can receive calls from anywhere. However, you don’t need to be physically present to receive calls. Incoming call distribution .Instead of one office ringing,