Companies With Incredible Employee Perks

Companies with Incredible Employee Perks In an economy where employees are often overworked, many businesses are pulling the plug on raises and extra benefits. Some companies are shining stars when offering their employees cool perks. Most companies claim they value their staff and provide generous benefits.

Scripps Health Companies With Incredible Employee Perks

However, we've found employers that offer more benefits than those provided by the norm. Check out our round-up of 14 companies that 858 Area Code their employees unusual and incredible perks. For example, Mountain View, CA-based Google, doesn't just offer employees a stimulating environment to work and create; they also give them some pretty sweet benefits.

No need to rush home and make a PB & J sandwich for lunch. The many perks include free lunch and dinner. Employees also enjoy oil changes and car washes, massages and yoga, a playroom, back-up child care assistance, and $12,000 annually in tuition reimbursement. Has a different approach to company meetings. Sunnyvale is the headquarters of employees who work hard and are also encouraged and encouraged to play. So they can take the stress off or have fun at the company gym with basketball and volleyball courts. Workers also enjoy a social atmosphere with live concerts (think Taylor Swift) and barbecues.

Companies With Incredible Employee Perks

Building a professional work wardrobe can be costly, especially for conservative industries like banking, where more traditional workwear is required. Employees at Portland, OR-based Umpqua Bank can take advantage of the company’s professional dress advance to help build a business wardrobe. Umpqua offers associates a clothing advance up to. Boston, MA-based Group, a virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs, offers employees an excellent menu of fringe benefits. Employees receive four weeks of paid time and nine holidays annually. Group means summers. Fridays are a paid half-day from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Flexible working hours are the norm among employees. There are food benefits such as a $5 daily lunch allowance for lunch, free snacks, and coffee/espresso. You can also burn those calories by adding some fun entertainment to your workday with a Nintendo Wii.

Timberland Companies With Incredible Employee Perks

Timberland has offices around all over the world. The headquarters is in Stratham, N.H. They offer generous time-off benefits to encourage employees to have fun and enjoy life beyond work. Employees may take service sabbaticals that amount to 40 hours per year of volunteer work. Many employees also qualify for an annual bonus. In addition, each employee receives a generous discount for Timberland apparel, accessories, Call footwear to extend their compensation.

Above all, Ever feel too busy to take care of life's errands while trying to master that work/life balance thing? SC Johnson & Son, Racine's maker of Glade, Pledge, and Windex, has an employee concierge that can take care of all your chores. Above all, Concierges will deliver packages and flowers. They'll also pick up groceries. With all of those perks, Above all, employees may find time to enjoy life outside Above all, of work.

Based in Kansas City, MO, Hallmark is a great place to work if you're a woman. Every month, women leaders provide sage advice for employees in special career-boosting sessions. Last year, 63 percent of the executives and managers at the company were women. In addition, hallmark encourages employees to have good relationships. Employees can ride bicycles together, play softball, and even carpool with 21 company-sponsored vans.

More than 150,000 people applied to work at Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks in 2010. Baristas often work part-time and benefit from the company's health care benefits. This is uncommon for part-time retail jobs. Employees love the company's culture and feel a sense of belonging with their coworkers. Corporate employees enjoy additional benefits, including an on-site gym, job-sharing program, and on-site child care.

Umpqua Bank Companies With Incredible Employee Perks

Countless workers have made a geographical move to get or keep a job, but jobs don't generally follow employees. St. Scottrade is an online investing firm that is based in St. Louis. They may consider opening a new office in an area where employees are moving. Fortune magazine claims that Scottrade currently has 20 offices.


Scottrade opened an office in both Florida (Georgia) and Florida for an employee moving twice. In addition, Scottrade employees have never experienced a layoff ever. However, they don't need to sacrifice their dream jobs. Deloitte offers four weeks of unpaid vacation for employees who want to do whatever is on their mind, as well as three to six consecutive months of partially paid time off to volunteer or take advantage of career-enhancing opportunities


Many people dream of traveling to Europe or volunteering in Africa. Others want to have enough relaxation time. Unfortunately, this can be difficult with the two weeks of annual leave most companies offer. Deloitte is a New York, NY-based company that provides employees with sabbatical time.


Scripps Health San Diego does not reserve bonus checks for its top management. However, Scripps Health has awarded bonuses totaling nearly to employees who have met performance targets since 2010. Employees also enjoy a menu of fringe benefits designed to add personal convenience and value to their lives, including tuition reimbursement, concierge services, on-site massages, and even pet insurance for Fluffy and Spot.


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