Cloud Voicemail

Hosted Voicemail Service

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what is Voicemail

1) Give Quicker Voicemail Responses

2) Custom Made Cloud-Voicemail Greetings

3) Choose from a variety of tones and styles to find the perfect one for your business

Stay connected worldwide

Attributes of a Hosted Voicemail

1) Good Storage Capacity

2) Tailor Made Greetings

3) Safe And Encrypted Data

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The most commonly Asked Questions

How much time does it take to set up a cloud voicemail?

Is there any additional cost attac to host voicemail?

What else can MCM do for my business?

Get the Best of your hosted voicemail service

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Amalgamate Your Tools

MCM can Amalgamate with more than 50+ Business tools so that you can see everything happening with your customers in one place.

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International Voice Platform

 MCM allows you to connect with more than 170+ countries in the world

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Virtual Call Center

 Improve your customer service with the help of a virtual call center for some more information visit lyon virtual phone numbers