How to Call South Africa from the US

What can I do to call South Africa from the US

How to Call South Africa from the US has a highly developed economy. It is the world’s biggest exporter of platinum, gold as well as other natural resources. In addition, it is a great place to start an enterprise or expanding one you already have because it has a relatively high GDP per capita compared to the other neighboring countries in the Sub-Saharan region.

And, given that you’re here, we are assuming you’ve already set up an office in South Africa or are planning to establish one. However, to run your business efficiently, it is essential to connect with your customers and offer them a way to reach you. Therefore, let’s look at the best way to call South Africa from the US without further ado.

These are the steps needed to make a phone call from the US to South Africa. 

Step 1 – Type in the US International Exit Code

Each country has its own exit code, which permits people to call outside the country. For example, you will need the US international escape code to dial South Africa.011.

Step 2: Enter the South Africa Country Code

Like the exit code, every country has a unique code that allows you to get the access you require to call. This is located in South Africa.27. Be sure to enter it in conjunction with the US international exit code.

Step 3 – Type in the code to determine the region in South Africa that you want to call.

Basically, South Africa uses a unique two-digit code for every region. Therefore, you must use these codes to connect your call to the area.

If you wish to call Johannesburg from outside the US, you will dial the Johannesburg area code, i.e.11.

This is a list of areas that are crucial for the central regions of South Africa:

  • Cape Town: 21
  • Durban 31
  • Johannesburg: 11
  • Pretoria 12
  • Port Elizabeth: 41
  • Benoni 11
  • Soweto: 51
  • Bloemfontein: 51
  • Vereeniging 16
  • Pietermaritzburg 33

Step 4 – Type in the 7-digit number you wish to dial.

Therefore South Africa uses a seven-digit standard number for landlines and mobile phones. So, make sure you have that number.

Basically, The format you use to make calls to South Africa (Johannesburg) from the US could look like this:

It’s not complicated. But if your business is receiving hundreds of calls each day, picking up a phone and following steps can cost you money.

Our best advice is to dial an unknown number.

Why should you use a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers allow you to establish an office in South Africa for your business. In addition, virtual phone numbers make it easy for you to connect with your customers in South Africa at minimal costs.

Basically, Virtual phone numbers usually run on business phone systems that route calls through the internet. So you don’t need any hardware other than an internet-connected device or desktop computer to make calls to South Africa from the US.

There are many reasons to utilize a virtual phone number for your business:

  • Cost-effective long-distance calls can cause expensive international call costs. However can dramatically lower your expenses by having an office phone system.
  • Highly scalable as your company grows, you will need to make calls to more and more individuals. With virtual phone numbers, you can increase or decrease the number as and when required.
  • Improved Call QualityVirtual phone numbers generally redirect calls to corporate phone systems, providing more apparent voice quality and eliminating disruptions.
  • Features Rich: The most powerful features are call recording, call recording, and advanced analytics.
  • Appear Local: Virtual numbers for phones can be set up in South Africa. Your customers will be shown an international number when you call them. Therefore is sure to create trust!

Wrapping up

However, It’s not difficult to make calls to South Africa from the US. To make hundreds of calls each day, however, you will need a business phone system. Basically, Virtual phone numbers are the best alternative.

Business phone systems are a great way to connect with your prospects in South Africa and increase conversion rates. Happy calling!