International Call Routing Service

With Online Call Routing, you can manage your calls and phone numbers from anywhere. Moreover, you can rest assured that your VoIP calls will be sent and received with MCM, as we have a highly secure network across 170+ countries.

online call routing

A World-Renowned Call Routing Services for Business

Global call routing services allow companies to manage phone numbers, users, and their flows from anywhere. MCM takes just minutes to set up your phone number in 170+ countries. It’s easy, safe, and secure! Unlock intelligent features with a simple click of the button, such as skills-based routing and also CRM integration. Get in touch to make your business more successful by monitoring calls on live streams. Why wait? Get started with the top international call routing service today!

online call routing

Call Routing from 170+ Countries.

MCM can provide local and national call routing numbers for any country in 170+ countries worldwide. As your business grows, MCM will keep you ready with an ever-expanding range of contact information, so connecting can be easy.

Business Features

With the MCM platform's call routing suite, you can set up automatic forward routing rules and provide skills-based options that consider what each customer might need. You'll also have unlimited IVR menus, so all of your customers are satisfied!

Pricing for Call Routing

You don't have to worry about setup fees or minimum contracts when signing up for MCM. You also get free calling credits when you get your existing number port into MCM!

Simple-to-Coalescent Technology

MCM can take your organization to the next level with a smooth, simple setup. Launch in minutes and manage all carriers from a single console while integrating CRM systems or business tools for an enhanced experience.

Consumer Reviews

Join the thousands of businesses who trust MCM as their global communications provider.

Worldwide Call Routing Solutions Tailored for Your Business.

MCM is the perfect solution for any company that needs help getting started with a customized plan.

Mobile Number Routing

With Route, you can have your calls routed at the number level with no system users required. Instead, redirect them to one or multiple devices for easy access and set up an unlimited IVR menu that features local numbers in 170+ countries worldwide!

Contact Center Routing

The MCM user license is the perfect way to unlock advanced functions of Routing, like priority & skills-based rules. Integrate with your CRM or other tools for ultimate efficiency by adding licenses to our platform!

PBX Integrations

We can provide a world-class voice service for your existing PBX to make it even more powerful. Learn about our dedicated solutions that work with Microsoft Teams and many other providers!

online call routing

Providing Top-Tier Voice Routing Anyplace Business is Done

MCM offers a single, all-inclusive platform that includes everything you need to communicate globally. We can also maintain an IP-based voice solution for both message and voice communications with notable recognition of our 20 years in this field and emerging solutions gaining adoption from companies worldwide today!


In 170+ Countries, International Phone Number Routing Setup

With our easy-to-use interface, you can set up your local numbers in just minutes. You’ll be able to them on demand across 170+ countries with one click! International phone numbers are not always displayed, but if you’re looking for additional coverage questions, feel free to call us.

All the features your business needs for perfect Voice service

The MCM platform is a business communications solution that can help you improve your customer service, manage calls remotely, and more.

Deft-Based Routing

Intelligent call routing should be a must-have for any customer service team. With skills-based Routing, your customers will also get the best experience. It is because they are wisely routing the calls of callers to the best agent.

Virtual Attendant

Route your inbound callers through automated prompts to exactly where they want to go. Then, set up as many virtual attendant menus and IVR options as your flow requires, without any extra charges.

Worldwide Voice

Host your business’ voice and data communications needs in the cloud with our hosted VoIP service. Get fantastic call quality and safe routes to any number of people or devices worldwide for an affordable price!

Voicemail Translation

Missed call voice mails are sent directly to your email box and with transcription of the message!

Recording Calls

You can monitor your customer’s interactions and reference details about their conversation with the call detail records.

Porting Number

You can now easily port your number to the MCM network for free and even get paid!

Local Caller ID

Handle inbound and outbound calls with high scalability using our industry-leading local caller ID service.

Team Routing

Improve your team’s performance with advanced call routing features. Direct path communications through Microsoft-approved infrastructure is a snap when you use MCM, which includes SBC and white glove configuration.

Merge your Business Tolls & CRM.

Integrating with Salesforce is easy, fast, and accessible. MCM allows you to connect your CRM in a few clicks without extra charges. In addition, MCM offers an integrated call routing platform that can be set up from scratch or related to your existing phone system.


MCM will activate your call routing service as soon as possible, usually the same day. However, it might take a few days if you are located in a country that requires essential documentation for verification purposes.

When you place an order with MCM, our specialists will be in contact to ensure everything is set up the best way for you. You can expect to receive an email with the login information for your MCM Core User Interface once your order is confirmed.

Yes, you can easily route calls to various phones.

If you’re having trouble finding a business number, just let us know, and we can check our global inventory!

With MCM, you can keep your existing virtual business numbers and use them with our service. Transferring is quick & straightforward!

With MCM, you can transfer your phone number in a matter of minutes without hassle. We make it easy and free!

MCM provides several options to fit your needs, including Cloud Contact Centers and SIP Trunking Service.