Call Groups

Make sure every caller speaks to an agent on time by setting up call groups with the help of MCM 

Call Group Software

Assign a single number to multiple phones and devices. Route calls by ring strategy Automatically send voicemails to all members of the group. Increase efficiency by managing communication through one platform


The Procedure to Set Up Call Groups

call queuing software

In the MCM dashboard, navigate to the Groups tab on the left-hand side. Click the blue +Add button on the top right.


Create a name for your group, fill in the extension, then check off the names of all the agents you want in the group. Click Next


From there, you have the option to create a voicemail or select from a drop-down list of pre-recorded voicemail messages.


Next, set the amount of time the phone will ring before the caller is sent to voicemail.


Yes it is possible to stay in more than one group for an agent.

No there are no extra charges attached to it 

MCM offers Cloud Based PBX and Virtual Business Phone Numbers.