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Call forwarding service using toll free phone number Easy and Quick Call Forwarding with a Toll-Free number Written by NishitaThere was a time before the payphone was commonplace, and people didn’t have unlimited plan options. So toll-free numbers were created to save the day. AT&T introduced this first in 1967 by using the prefix 800.  As a result, it is now easier than ever to get in touch with businesses by calling toll-free numbers. Nearly all companies now have a number that can be reached toll-free for customer service. While it has faced stiff competition from new entrants in the market, it has kept its place in tech.

call forwarding service using toll free phone number

Why are toll-free business phone systems so common? Many ways to forward your toll-free and virtual phone number why are toll-free business phone systems so popular To start with, toll-free numbers allow customers to call your company at no cost. It will increase their chances of reaching to report grievances or seek assistance. This will enable businesses to expand internationally without having to open new offices or hire staff. It will allow you to establish your presence in any city or country as it supports international call forwarding. Depending upon your settings and preferences, you can forward the phone call to any department or device.

call forwarding service using toll free phone number

If you already have a Chicago-based business that has been successful and are looking to expand into France, then a virtual telephone number or toll-free number would be the best way to reach your new customers. It makes them feel valued, and it shows you care about what they need. It can also give your business a professional attitude. This directly influences the trust factor you’re trying to build with clients.

There are several ways to forward your toll-free or virtual number.

The toll-free number call forwarding system works via a network that links virtual phone numbers. Your number is forwarded to a single, centralized, toll-free number. With a robust call-forwarding system, your business can expand globally. We have a few options to redirect your call-free numbers —

Send your calls to one number.

You can route all your business calls through one office phone line or to a virtual phone number. Toll-free phone numbers allow you to manage your business in the most professional manner possible and increase customer engagement.

Forward multiple calls to

Not only can you forward the calls to one number, but also multiple numbers. As a result, all of your calls and devices can be connected under one platform.

Ring phone sequence

You can pick the order of your calls and the duration it will take before you transfer them to another phone if you route your calls to multiple numbers.

They all ring at once

The virtual telephone system can allow you to ring all your phone at once. Use a toll-free call forwarding service to determine a maximum hold period for your callers and an alternative destination for any unanswered calls.

Make their calls forwarding.

You can select the date and the time that you want to receive calls to the phones. This is not all. You can also create custom scheduling and apply it on different devices. This will allow your phones to ring only when you wish them to.

A toll-free number forwarding service

Here are some advantages of using a call forwarding company that is toll-free for your business. First, it makes you sound like a professional If you are a solo entrepreneur, you may only have one telephone. You can then direct all calls from the central office line to your cell phone. It allows you to handle all calls using one device easily. Another option is to route calls to a route selection or a custom greeting before they reach you. This option has the advantage of sounding professional and legitimate.

  1. Voicemail forward calls or alternative destinations.

If you’re able to, you can view the calls coming in and choose to ignore them. You can also forward the call to voicemail (if enabled) or the call menu.

  1. Send your calls to the call menu.

A call menu, also called auto-attendant, allows callers to select the department or individual they wish to reach. For example, callers can be directed to the sales team by changing the call menu by pressing ‘1″. Like above, and you can also use “2” to handle the call directly to the customer service section. In other words, you could add phone numbers in specific menu options so that calls instantly redirect to the relevant department. Your business will sound professional with a call menu. This makes it easier to manage your operations and ensures that every phone call route to the right place. You can deactivate the call-menu system whenever you wish.

call forwarding service using toll free phone number

If you have a call forwarding service that is toll-free, it doesn’t matter where you live. You don’t need to tell your customer where you are located. It gives you the ability to be away from the office, work from anywhere around the world, and helps improve customer experience. So don’t miss another customer call. Additionally, customers will not worry about the cost. International ringtones make it easy for your customers to see you as a local and help you gain their confidence. Register your call forwarding phone numbers and get started transferring all of your calls to as many numbers as you want.