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Contact Center as a Service is an innovative software deployment model that allows businesses to purchase the necessary technology without worrying about ongoing IT, hardware integrations, and support. Contact center in the cloud cost service offers virtual contact centers with standard features at affordable prices so you can focus on your business instead of spending time integrating various pieces yourself or outsourcing this task completely!

Mainly in all situations, cost per seat is one of the most significant features. In many outlines, it accounts for 75% or more of all value associated with the vendor’s bill.

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What will be the average cost for call center software?

The cost for call center software can be as low as $20 per user, or it could go up to over $175. The price varies depending on the size of your company and what features you need to handle customer complaints efficiently without frustration! International calling can be expensive. You will have to pay per minute, and the price varies based on where you’re calling from and what type of phone number is used for this call – regular or mobile! Many vendors charges between $3 – $5 per month per number with a setup fee. Also, international calling is charged per minute.

Inbound support and blended calling teams are the norms for small businesses, while outbound dialer solutions with advanced integrations or compliance requirements cost more.

contact center in the cloud cost

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8x8 Contact Center Pricing

8×8 Contact Center in the cloud cost is a public company with over 1600 employees. The three pricing plans include X6, X7, and finally, the highest level of service called “X-enhanced 8.

It’s important to note that each plan provides various levels or capabilities depending on your specific needs, so make sure you select wisely!

8×8 pricing usually includes: 

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What is the cost of an 8x8 Contact Center?

Its costs start at $85 per seat, offered in the X6 plan. In addition, their X8 plan offers automatic dialing & call monitoring, which starts at $140 per user (discounts available for long-term commitments or large teams.)

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Five9 Pricing

Five9 offers four different pricing plans, starting at just $149 per seat. You can customize each quote according to what you need, and their terms are flexible enough that they’re willing to work with clients individually if necessary!

Five9 price quotes usually include:

What is the cost of Five9?

It’s easy to see why Five9 is one of the most popular call center software. It costs between $149 and 229 per concurrent user, but large contact centers can negotiate monthly pricing down as low as 100 dollars a month! The other big names in this industry charge between $165 and 175, but Five9 has one of its most affordable prices anywhere.

Five9 is an excellent option for those who need DID numbers, as their prices are very affordable. They charge only $5 per month with an additional setup fee of $5! Their international voice rates may be higher than some providers included on this list, but they still offer competitive services in most regions.

Five9 provides excellent quality service for customers in US & Canada. Five9 is one of those rare exceptions where you get what you pay for.

RingCentral Contact Contact Pricing

RingCentral contact center in the cloud cost offers some of the most affordable pricing plans, with four options. The package options are (Essential, Premium, Standard, and Ultimate). RingCentral’s contact center is quite affordable! The cost per user starts at $90, but discounts are available depending on how many people need access to your account.

RingCentral Contact Center pricing includes:

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What is the cost of RingCentral?

Ring Central is an excellent choice for those who need a low-cost contact center with quality services. They offer pricing that starts at just $9 and goes up to around 120$/month! Their pricing will vary more than most CCaaS vendors covered here, but they offer custom quotes for each new customer to ensure you get a fair deal.

We have the perfect solution for your business needs! Whether you’re looking to save time with automatic dialing or track customer behavior analytics and CRM integrations on our plans – we’ve got it all. In addition, with quality and performance management features, you can be more confident in the stability of your plan.