How to Call Canada
from US

How to Call Canada from US is an important international market for US businesses. In 2019, US goods- and services trade with Canada amounted to $718.4billion. Basically, Canada business telephone numbers are your best choice to grow your international business if you are a company based in Canada.

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How to call Canada from the US: Some Things to Consider

Before installing an automated telephone system that can call Canadian phone numbers, here are some steps to follow. Canada is an American country and therefore a part North American Numbering Plan. However, The USA to Canada calling system functions exactly the same way that calls from other US states. To call the United States from Canada, it is not necessary that you have an exit code

Canada has six time zones, so it is crucial to know them. However, It will make it easier to avoid calling people at a random times by keeping track of the time zones. Additionally, many Canadian areas have multiple area codes. When making calls, it is crucial to be aware of these areas.

Virtual Phone System

You can call the US using different methods depending on how you dial. Make sure you are aware of all costs. These are the best-known options:

Business Features Of Virtual Phone Number

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase communication in your company is by using a virtual phone system. Basically, Contrary to traditional methods, virtual phone systems do not require expensive and complicated equipment that is difficult to maintain. Instead communication is done via the internet. Basically, This allows customers and clients to be reached from anywhere. 

Below are some key advantages to using a virtual phone system to make international calls. 

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How Do I Call Canada From The USA?

It’s easier than it seems to call Canada from the US. Once you’ve chosen the preferred method of communication, the following is the step-by-step process. Next dial Canada’s area code. 

Canada is composed of ten territories and three provinces. Each territory has one or more unique, three-digit area codes. Basically, For example, Newfoundland’s area code is 709. You will need to dial 709 if you wish to call Newfoundland.

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