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212 numbers are a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family without being there. But, of course, forwarding calls anywhere is easy, too! So try it without any risk.

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Get 212 Business Numbers without risk.

With MC, you get your business or organization’s unique 212 phone number. This is an added benefit with many features to make it easy and convenient! With 20+ additional benefits like time-of-day routing (including evening), virtual assistant service(IVR), multi-line support, etc., there’s no reason why anyone should hesitate before grabbing one of these popular types of local New York City numbers from our company today!” 212 phone numbers for sale! There’s no need to set up a contract or pay setup fees. Buy them now and start managing calls with the best rates available instantly.

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212 Number Overview

Inbound Calls

212 Forwarding

  • Buy 212 number forwarding for your business.
  • Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Easily update your IVR menus and greetings.
  • Tailor your call forwarding rules to best suit your needs – for example, time-based routing or simultaneous ringing

Handle Your Inbound Calls

  • Increase efficiency by creating custom call handling rules.
  • Stay organized with detailed analytics and call logs.
  • Enjoy advanced features like voicemail, call screening, and groups.
  • Activate numbers from 160+ countries in minutes.
buy 212 numbers
buy 212 numbers

Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls and SIP Trunking

  1. Keep your business local with 212 numbers while still being able to make outbound calls globally.
  2. Control the outbound calling for your company with call barring rules.
  3. Manage your trunking needs online: add, remove, and manage trunks anytime, anywhere.
  4. Add channels for more calling power: get up to 480 channels per trunk.

What is the cost of 212 number?

The average cost of a phone call depends on your expected volume. The more calls you make, the lower those costs will be for each one! If you’re looking for a great price on your phone bill, look no further than our pay-per-minute plans. We have introductory rates as low as $43.99 per month with zero setup fees and cancellation costs! If you’re looking for an affordable way to make calls, try any 212 number plan risk-free!

Buy 212 Numbers Online

When you buy a 212 area code number online, it'll be ready for use in minutes. After verifying your account and testing out the new business, phone yours with MCM specialists on call 24/7.

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Have questions? Or are you interested in learning more about our pricing plans? Fill out the short contact form to speak with an expert, and schedule a free demo of MCM's services from one of its many locations worldwide.

Features which your 212 Phone Number Includes

There are 20+ business phone features you can customize from the easy-to-use online interface when setting up your 212 number plan. When it comes down to delivering advanced technology at a fantastic value, nobody goes as far or does anything better than MCM!

Steps to Buy a 212 Number Online.

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Select a 212 Phone Number

Grab a number from our online store today! We have plans for every budget and lifestyle. Plus, with free shipping on orders, it's easy to see why so many people choose MCM as their provider of choice when they need new phone numbers fast.

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Get a Confirmation Email

When you place an order for a New York 212 phone number, our team will automatically send you login instructions in the email confirmation. You can then customize your features and start making calls right away! If the email you provided does not seem to be associated with your listed business, log into our online user interface, and we will get back in touch. But don't worry! Your new phone number might not be activated until an expert can confirm your account details. That's usually quick, though, so it won't take more than 15 minutes.

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Access and Customize the Features

Start customizing your 212 number features according to the specific business needs. You can update anytime from our online interface!

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Tell Us If We Can Help

With our help, your team can finally reach its full potential. If you have any questions or concerns about 212 area code numbers, please let us know, so we’re always available for whatever is needed!

FAQs for 212 Area Code Numbers

You can’t afford to invest in your future! When you buy a 212 phone number, our team will automatically set it up and activate it with a $5 credit. Your new line is ready for use as soon as we verify that all the information on file matches. Once you’ve successfully verified your business email with MCM, our experts will open up a new line of credit in less than 10 minutes. We make it easy and quick so that there are no unnecessary hassles!

With MCM’s VoIP services, you can reduce your costs or leverage our unique offerings to suit all of the different needs of business phone systems. Simply find out how much it would cost depending on what type and number range porting 212 numbers are needed to make sure that they’re tailored towards meeting those specific requirements!

No, there is no need to submit any special documentation.

Yes, you can use a custom caller id while outgoing calls purchase from MCM.

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