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Working as a Call Center Supervisor  Center manager can screen all specialists and calls. MCM permits Call Center Supervisors the capacity to see live opinions and motivation behind calls as they occur.

You can see precisely what’s going on and conclude whether you need to tune in, barge, or take control. Voice Intelligence permits you to see the discussion in the text to watch it live. It’s feasible to mentor and screen Agents in any capacity you like.

Call Center Inbox

We should take a gander at the stuff to be a boss in a call place in MCM.

Explore Call Centers from the MCM application and pick a Call Center.

It will open the Call Center’s inbox, which contains Live Calls and Agents, Hold Queues, Calls, Agents (New (Notifications), All Notifications), Voicemails, Messages, Recordings, and Agents (Notifications) tabs.

Select Monitor All Call Centers assuming that you are a boss for a considerable length of time focuses. This will pull every single dynamic call, hold the line, and specialist into one view.

To see the dynamic calls being made by Agents, explore the live calls tab. It will show the Agent, guest, and live opinion as well as the reason and length of the call.

Monitor Your Agents

To see the ongoing record of the call, click View Call. Then, at that point, click Listen In. You can hear the Agent and the guest conversing with one another.

Working as a Call Center Supervisor can then choose Barge Call and get the assemble with the Call Center’s Agent. You can eliminate the Agent to talk with the guest one-on-one or select Takeover Call.

This capacity is additionally open to Departments. Notwithstanding, clients should have Administrator-level consent through a Sell permit or Contact Center to see it.

Explore the specialists tab for a rundown of all Agents allocated to this Call Center. It will show the Agent’s accessibility status and the length of their accessibility.

To physically change the accessibility status of an Agent, select Set to Available or Set Unavailable contact with 240  area code.


These are the accessible situations:

On a call: A specialist is making an outbound or inbound call

Accessible/Idle: A specialist is accessible for an inbound call

Off the clock: A specialist isn’t working and can’t get an inbound call

Off the clock (Do not Disturb): The agent has been set to Do Not Disturb mode, and can’t get inbound calls

Wrap-up: The agent has entered post-wrap-up time subsequent to getting an inbound call. He can’t get one more call until the set time terminates

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