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Women In SaaS Zuzana

Women In SaaS Zuzana are proud to introduce another leader in tech. Her story is one of taking advantage of unexpected and well-deserved opportunities. Meet Zuzana von Minit. Minit helps companies optimize their operations. Hi Zuzana. Would that be possible? My Country Mobile (MCM) My name ist Zuzana Vancova. Minit’s technology for process mining has experienced rapid growth. Minit was my business partner for nine months. After that, I founded Minit, chief operations officer at a startup with between 80 and 300 employees.

Women In SaaS Zuzana

Minit’s current task is to ensure scalability. Some of my responsibilities include monitoring key metrics and managing finances. Are you a technique or not? Are you convinced that technology education is necessary to create a successful startup founder? It all depends where you are. Most roles don’t require any technical skills. Women In SaaS Zuzana A technical background is essential to work in Engineering, Product, and Security. However, I’ve seen hiring managers hire intelligent people. Although some might not have the skills required, they show great potential and are excellent for the culture.

Though it is essential to have a diploma in tech, not all jobs need it.

What was one of your biggest challenges as a technique in your first years? The pure newness in all things. We used a structured approach to overcome our challenges. It included active listening, following through, and completion. You were looking back over your journey and how you got here. What sort of impact do you feel from working in a male-dominated industry/environment? It’s counterproductive and dangerous to consider women “women” in a world where men are dominant. I believe every person has unique qualities. Women In SaaS Zuzana Despite not having personally been affected, gender inequality and other work inequalities are something that I must confront. For example, only 33% stated that technology is their top choice.

Women In SaaS ZuzanaThe misconception is that you don’t have Women In SaaS Zuzana.

The leader can drive tremendous growth. In addition, startup cultures tend to be open-minded, making it easier for people to know the context. In this fast-paced industry, It is possible to grow and master. As a result, you can find immense fulfillment. But, are they experiencing a shortage of women workers in their startup? Minit boasts a ratio of males at 20% to females of 20%, and 33% to 33% represent women in leadership roles. Women In SaaS Zuzana The product also has two women who manage their teams. Would it be wise to give this advice to women interested in going into tech? Please get to know your peers and get a glimpse of what it takes to be a tech professional. Which resources do you recommend to females interested in the technology field?

Trillion Dollar Coach is a personal favorite. Amy Gallo has my vote.

Above all, Startup employees tend to be very involved. So how can you find enough time for your passion project? Women In SaaS Zuzana There are two ways to balance work/life. I can see the time for side jobs by understanding your inner driver, being more aware and vocal about your needs, prioritizing when you have to and how you prioritize it. Growing. SK registered me recently for mentoring. My friend will soon be joining a small group that includes ops leaders.

Women In SaaS Zuzana
Women In SaaS Zuzana

Your solo trip to Sri Lanka was a success.

Above all, It is a joy traveling alone. My inspiration comes from seeing beauty in all things. Women In SaaS Zuzana Last year, I went to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, I spent six hours taking in the stunning tea country scenery. Living abroad can open up new perspectives. Above all, Traveling alone is not lonely. It’s also a fantastic way to look back at the past and feel more joy upon my return. Above all, Women in SaaS initiative Did your research reveal that only 3% are interested in a career working as a technique? Additionally, 5% of those selected for leadership roles within technology are women.

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