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Women Patricia From Exponea

Women Patricia From Exponea Inspiration may come unexpectedly. Patricia was very familiar with Exponea. Thank you for introducing yourself. We’d love the name of the company and the position that you hold. Patricia, my mother’s name, is the name of my mother. Exponea has been a Slovakian-based business since 2015. Exponea positioned me as the first and 43rd Field Sales Manager for the My Country Mobile (MCM). Who inspired you and the team to start a SaaS/tech business? To put it bluntly: Above all, being part of the SaaS/tech-startup world was not what I ever wanted to do. He went on to tell me all about the SaaS company he was working for to build his sales staff.

Women Patricia From Exponea

Is your techie self? Are you passionate about technology? All of it depends on the job. For example, product managers need to have a technical degree. However, people who do not have a technical degree can still apply in many other fields. For example, the University of Minnesota offered me a Master’s of Global Marketing. But, I did not know technology when I joined the company in my graduate year. Women Patricia From Exponea Was there anything you had to do to make your way in tech? As I don’t have a technical background, it was hard to grasp the language.

So I did extensive independent research.

Above all, The tech world is constantly changing. Expect to be a little bit behind the times. The key to staying connected to your community (colleagues.clients.users) is to continue talking with them. Above all, I am thinking back about the journey that has brought you here and now. Are there any things you would like to change? I take great pleasure in appreciating every moment of life. I see challenges and tough times as something that can make me stronger, teach me, and help me grow personally and professionally, although this approach may feel tricky initially. Above all, Nevertheless, I would not change anything. Inspire me. You can relax, take a vacation, or do something else. Women Patricia From Exponea All laptops must be charged, maintained, and cleaned.

In my first career, I was a regional selling manager.

Fewer than 3% claim that technology is the first option. Startups are exciting in tech. This will enable you to navigate the complex tech world with many career options. Do women feel too many are working in startups? Above all, I don’t believe that. Exponea hosts about half of Exponea’s leadership. Above all, Women Patricia From Exponea What is the best way for male coworkers to support female colleagues? I doubt it is about the male colleagues supporting the female teammates. Above all, Without its employees, a company cannot grow and prosper.

Women Patricia From Exponea

Above all, Startup workers have many responsibilities. Women Patricia From Exponea My best friend, my dog. She is my greatest supporter. Women in SaaS initiative Did you realize that only 33% of women want to work in technology? So, to encourage more women in the technology industry, we created Women in SaaS Interviews. Interviews with SaaS women are available every other Wednesday. Above all, Kelly Yanke Deltener (CoSchedule) is our next writer.

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