Women In Hana From Kontentino

Women In Hana From Kontentino

Women In Hana From Kontentino The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the achievements of Hana Tee from Kontentino. Hana graduated in 2015 from the University of Sydney and laboured in Digital Marketing earlier than joining Kontentino. Hana has an ardour for digital advertising and marketing and has struggled to increase the web presence of Kontentino because of the truth of becoming a member of the group. Kontentino is a digital advertising and marketing enterprise focusing on content material cloth fabric marketing. My Country Mobile (MCM) The reason is to assist agencies in combining content into their advertising and marketing campaigns and decorating their number one ROI.

Women In Hana From Kontentino

We’re excited to present our interview with Hana from Kontentino! Kontentino is a tool that facilitates you to create and per cent seen displays for your advertising and marketing technique. Above all, Check out our interview to listen about Kontentino and Hana’s reviews as a female in SaaS. Women in SaaS are fixed on interviews with some women within the SaaS enterprise company. Each discussion will cover a unique trouble recall from the interviewee’s profession and private research. Above all, We desire to offer a voice to the women inside the SaaS community and be part of the conversations about making the enterprise more inclusive. Women In Hana From Kontentino We are also looking to accumulate records of the demographics of girls in SaaS and can apprehend your assistance. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Above all, We are pretty thrilled with our Women in SaaS collection and the ladies who’re on it. Women In Hana From Kontentino We want to percentage the tales of ladies in this business enterprise as we realize it is a fundamental ardour element for some readers, and we are able to wait to see what subsequent year’s collection brings! Above all, We prefer you to cherish reading Hana’s weblog post. We can interview the fourth and last member of our panel the following week. So when you have any questions for Lisa, please depart a remark underneath. We’re able to ensure to invite them!



What piece of advice would you give to your freshman self?

Above all, We also understand all of the challenging artwork at Kontentino to assist writers. Content cloth entrepreneurs create better content cloth material. If you want to observe extra approximately Women In Hana From Kontentino, you could go to their internet site. Above all, We desire that you cherish Hana’s story, and we’d love to pay interest in your thoughts! Above all, please get in touch with us each time. Hana works as a Digital Marketing Executive in Kontentino, a UK and US-based B2B content advertising and advertising corporation. See also, the voip server monitor.

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