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KL Wine Merchants Is Toasting Its Improvements

Whether you’re a wine expert or just a host who needs help choosing the right blend for your event, industry experts recommend K&L Wine Merchants.

K&L, a major online retailer of wine, spirits, and other products worldwide, is very popular with shoppers and pundits. K&L received an excellent 4.8-star rating from many Google Reviews. The company also received grants for “Best Online Wine Shop” from several distributions, including Wine Enthusiast and Forbes.

The K&L administration team realized it was time to change its communication structure. K&L This was due to the increased client interest and exceptional service.

An older phone system that wasn’t maturing admirably

K&L’s commitment to customers was always its exceptional support. K&L has a dedicated team of wine enthusiasts keen to share their passion for wine with clients.

Brian points to the fact that one test was that the inheritance phone framework couldn’t Virtual Phone Number provide continuous permeability of call volumes or produce reports that would permit the client service team to examine and analyze patterns in bringing traffic over time.

Brian claims that Brian couldn’t staff his call group effectively without this information. ”

Toasting Its Improvements
Toasting Its Improvements

K&L Peruse Case Study

K&L achieved a communications climate worthy of celebration when it also moved all staff onto the MCM MVP. This brought together correspondences and MCM Contact Centre for the team responsible for client service.

Brian said that it was like flipping the switch. The next day we are ready to make K&L receive and move business calls from home with an app on our wireless network or a computer.

K&L’s client support team benefited from the vast information contained in the framework’s examination, call announcing engine, and MCM Contact Center. Above all, Brian says that the group used this information to improve their staffing efficiency during each shift.

K&L raised another glass with a cloud-based Contact Centre arrangement

He also pointed out that Contact Center’s utility allows the staffing department to provide a better client experience. Clients can choose to keep their current positions or get a callback from a specialist when one becomes available. Above all, it allows us to keep our existing staff and provide an exceptional client experience.

MCM also settled the functional test K&L managed for some time. Brian clarifies, “We were always developing and ready for expansion. We also looked for ways to give staff more flexibility and adaptability.” These plans were hampered by the limitations of our phone system, which did not allow remote work.

Brian claims this has changed since K&L switched to MCM. is cloud-based to be used anywhere. 217 area code allows our representatives to profit no matter where they are. This was something we did during the COVID lockdowns. K&L MCM will enable us to grow flawlessly.

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