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Why Unified Communications Business Continuity

Why Unified Communications Business Continuity Unified Communications Are Part of Your Long-Term Business Continuity Strategy Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Amazon encouraged employees to work remotely in March. This was three weeks ahead of Governor Gavin Newsom’s California sheltering in place. As a result, they were prepared to host an event that brought together work-from-home workers. It’s obvious why big tech is doing so well during these storms. Facebook and Amazon. Netflix, Google, Netflix, and Amazon all show positive signs.

Why Unified Communications Business Continuity

However, not every company in the country has the same luck. Gartner’s survey found that only 13% of companies were capable of handling disruptions due to COVID-19. These organizations didn’t have the infrastructure, resources, or experience to support remote work. So instead of Voip, they turn to panic selling and implement technology with unimaginable speed. Leaders are reviewing their business continuity plans and small working practices after the shock. This will allow for future disruptions to be avoided.

Remote business operations in tough economic times are possible.

Remote working grew by 159% in five years, and there was a 78% increase of job listings on LinkedIn offering flexible work options. However, only 7% could work at home, while 94% wanted more flexibility. Executives had a chance to see the benefits of remote working through shelter at home orders. In addition, Facebook announced that employees would work from home over the next five years. Unified Communication is critical to the success of employee collaboration in the future. As companies started to work remotely from home, cloud communications tools were in great demand. The number of downloads for business apps increased by 90% in March. Video conferencing tools and team messaging proved extremely popular for employees who need to collaborate with their teams from home.

The advent of remote work made it possible.

Experts were shocked by the success achieved via remote work. It doesn’t hurt for employees to work remotely. Employees who are engaged have 59% less turnover and 21% higher profitability. As shelter-at-home restrictions relax worldwide, it is less likely that people will suddenly be able to return to work. With the virus still present, this is impossible. Business leaders know the importance of remote work. Gartner’s 317 members revealed that 74% planned to shift their permanent work to remote positions due to COVID-19. Nearly 25% of respondents also intend to transfer 20% of their existing staff to permanent remote employment.

Remote work can connect to business continuity.

The overwhelming amount of technology available is one of our biggest concerns. Some employees even manage 15 apps in an hour. In addition, the distractions provided by technology at work can lead to lower productivity. IT teams may have to adapt to changing organizational demands. However, scaling multiple solutions to make them compatible can cause technical problems. In addition, IT departments would have to work closely with different service providers, even if the products are not compatible.

Businesses that use unified communications thrive in the future.

As businesses plan for continuity and recovery, they must ensure that workers remain productive and available from remote locations. Therefore, companies must help workers in any way they can. Unified communications are the answer. For example, employees can quickly switch between cloud-based phone systems, video conferencing, and team SMS using just one click. In addition, IT staff can handle compatibility with multiple providers as well as resolve support issues.

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