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WhatsApp - My Country Mobile Meta description preview: Apr 22, 2020 - WhatsApp messages are encrypted to the device, and secured over HTTPS from your application to My Country Mobile, enabling private conversations with users.


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WhatsApp is the most popular social networking application. It is very similar to Facebook, except that it offers SMS service along with the functionality of a basic phone number book. It is also know as a mobile messenger. The application has more than one billion users and the messaging platform it uses is a mixture of the free WAP networks and the paid ones.  The latest update to WhatsApp offers the users the ability to send videos and photos through the application. The users can also customize their own Messenger packs with images, songs, and videos.

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WhatsApp is an excellent, user-friendly, and multi-faceted communication tool. It is simple to use and is ideal for people who do not like to share pictures, videos, or data. It has a very user-friendly interface. but It is a perfect social networking application for your business purposes. While its texting features are attractive, the network offers functionality similar to those offered by popular mobile phone numbers such as Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft.

There is also an option for users to change their profile pictures and the layout of their profile. WhatsApp is one of the most used applications for sending and receiving messages. This is because the application offers different facilities such as call transfer, SMS/MMS, and video calling. WhatsApp is also available on the Apple iMessage platform.

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Know the moment a message reaches your customers. Real-time shipping and read receipts offer you crucial message delivery tips.

WhatsApp messages are encoded from My Country Mobile into the apparatus, and procured over HTTPS from the program to My Country Mobile, allowing private conversations with your customers.

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Your WhatsApp branded company identity functions as a recognizable face user to see if you message them, raising their confidence in you and devotion to your organization.

WhatsApp supplies you with a flexible channel for virtually any sort of company messaging.

Notifications and alerts on Whatsapp 

With Facebook’s new Messages platform, an Established messaging API, now designed for WhatsApp, is introduced. The reason for this is that if you use WhatsApp to send and receive messages it is possible to access the Messenger Service in your device. However, you should be careful about it. It has been said many times that there are some third-party applications available that can intercept messages and send spam.

Facebook has always introduced a number of safety measures when you use the Messenger service. The group messages feature makes it possible to save your conversations with people on your phone. This means that when you receive a message on your phone from someone and read it later, it will also save onto your phone.

phone number Authorization  for Whatsapp

If the person you are talking to is a friend or acquaintance, you are not supposed to read their phone number. Facebook has told its users not to use numbers found on phone bills to keep them safe. Because of the amount of spam that is written, there are a lot of people who do it or receive it through spam. Therefore, when you see any number that you have not seen before on your phone it is best to delete it as soon as possible.

When you do delete a number that you have not seen before, make sure that you delete the number only from your phone. This is because Facebook Messenger takes the precaution to delete a number from your phone. However, if you have any Facebook account attached to your phone then they will retrieve the number from there.

WhatsAppbuilt-in feature for WhatsApp

With the introduction of this new built-in feature for WhatsApp, you will also find it easier to create groups, send photos, and use the other functions offered by Messenger.   Therefore, the user should be able to find and use these buttons quickly.

It is, however, up to you whether you want to use the built-in application to send and receive messages. However, the simplicity and functionality of the new built-in application are perfect.

This new messaging service for Facebook also offers more features than ever before. It is worth trying if you want some added benefits in a mobile device.

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