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What Your Phone Number Says About Your Business

NON-Geographic Numbers establish a local presence in a new market for your business. Your phone number is the first point of contact for a local customer, regardless of whether it’s a country, town, or continent. The destination you are looking for maybe the same regardless of whether it’s on a mobile, national, or toll-free number. However, the impact of these different numbers on customers, employees, and partners can be quite different. So what does a phone number tell you about your business?

NON-Geographic Numbers game.

Your business NON-Geographic Numbers is a reflection of your company. We are not just talking about catchy numbers you see on billboards or hear on the radio. Of course, your customers have a way of connecting with you, but the type of number you choose is more than just a way for them to reach you. It tells them who they are, where they are, and their opinions.

If someone called you from a number you don’t know and with a different code than you, would it be worth your time to pick it up? Most likely not. Side note: NON-Geographic Numbers outside the US often have dedicated, nongeographical number ranges. However, if the number came from the same area code as yours, you are more likely to pick it up. So it is 3x more likely.

Your NON-Geographic Numbers is your first link between prospects and customers, other than your marketing campaigns.

NON Geographic Numbers

Toll-free NON-Geographic Numbers

NON-Geographic Numbers is a great way to get customers to show you their love by allowing them to call you free of charge. While you may have to pay for these calls as a business owner, the benefits are immense.

Numbers local

These numbers are linked to specific areas or municipalities. NON-Geographic Numbers from each one will have a different code. There are over 5,000 area codes in the US. Dial 212, 646, or 332 to connect with someone in Manhattan. It is common to know the location numbers. If you want to establish a local presence, it may be in your best interest to use a local code.

Numbers that are not geographical

It is possible to have Geographic Numbers or national numbers in many countries. They are not tied to any specific place and don’t incur the exact cost as toll-free numbers. These numbers are often included in consumer phone plans. This is why they are so popular among national businesses and contact centers, especially in smaller countries.

For example, in the UK, national NON-Geographic Numbers start with 08 or 03 and allow businesses to have one number that they can dial from anywhere. A national number is an excellent choice if your company does not require a presence in particular cities or regions.

Mobile numbers

You might need to have specific NON-Geographic Numbers (e.g., 07 in the UK) to enable voice and messaging capabilities for your business.

However, some countries, such as the US, have specific mobile numbers similar to local numbers. Therefore, you will need several mobile numbers to ensure that you are present in these areas.

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