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What is a SIP Trunk Channel?

SIP Trunk Channel is known to reduce business expenses. So what are you paying for when you buy a SIP trunk?

It is scarce that the SIP Trunk Channel itself is the issue. It is more of an idea than a product you can buy even when you get to its core. You can consider the time spent on a call. This can be split into outbound or inbound with different prices. Your main concern is often the number of channels in your SIP trunk.

The Trunk Channel MCM definition 

A Trunk Channel in telecoms requires the required data to make one concurrent call over a network. Therefore, you can create and receive more calls if you have more channels.

If you have ten employees calling customers also ten customers calling you to get customer service, that’s 20 channels.

The highway explanation Trunk Channel

This explanation is our favorite and used in the telecoms industry. For example, your Trunk Channel connection to My Country Mobile (MCM network) views a highway. There are multiple lanes on the road that can hold a certain number of cars.

These lanes act as your channels, with cars being your data. Connecting more towns to your highway will increase the number and eventually lead to congestion. However, adding more lanes to your route will smoothen traffic and help avoid jams.

This is similar to adding channels on your SIP Channel. You will need more tracks the more data you use for making calls.

How many channels are there?

Unlike our highway example, there is no limit to the number of channels you can have in a SIP Trunk Channel. If you have one million people calling, you will need at least one million tracks.

What is the cost of a channel?

It depends on the provider. So There are many options for pricing SIP Trunk. Check out MCM’s pricing page. You can see our pricing and compare it to other providers.

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