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We Could be Giants

We Could Be Giants is a new band formed in the United Kingdom that features members of King of Limbs, Shinedown, and No Devotion. Original member Dan Wolstenholme founded the group after he departed from Shinedown in 2020. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this band has some catchy melodies and awesome riffs. It’s also able to hold its own on the heavy metal circuit. So, how does it all work?

In an interview with Clash Magazine, Wolste home confirmed that he wasn’t the original member of We Could Be Giants, but is a former member of Shine down. This was before Wolstenholme joined No Devotion. It was also confirmed that the original Shine down drummer Chris Kozlov sky had played in We Could Be Giants before.

How does work We Could Be Giants?

The band has since then been led by Kozlovsky, who is the second oldest member of the group, at 47 years old. He has also played drums in several other bands and toured as a solo artist. Wolstenholme, the original member, is now looking after the band’s vocals and guitar work. Voice He also creates the band’s signature sound.

So, how does work We Could Be Giants? It involves a lot of traveling, as their tours take them through a variety of musical genres and locations. This can be seen on the band’s releases, including the new album, “Deluxe Edition.”How does work We Could Be Giants? You’d have to ask them. While most of their fans have probably heard of the band, some may be wondering what this band is all about. Here are some features of We Could Be Giants:

Icons of electronic music. The band draws influences from a wide range of styles, from soul to pop. Their sound is full of lush synths and beats that provide a similar feel to some modern dance music. This is combined with heavy, well-placed vocals.


While many heavy metal bands have used heavy and thick sound for their vocals, We Could Be Giants use light and airy tones, with crisp and well-placed beats.

Stylized lyrics and aggressive rhythmic are metal songs. The band has released several songs on their own, as well as songs from other musicians: rock-based guitar and bass lines. The group is excellent at building rock riffs and incorporating elements of heavy metal into their songs.

Rock-based rap songs. With the likes of “Electric Feel, “Next to You,” We Could Be Giants are sure to appeal to hip-hop fans as well. Features? It sounds like everything you need to get started with We Could Be Giants! Know more about After Hours. For some more information visit video call & should get up really early