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Ways To Reduce Call Wrap-up Time

One way to reduce call wrap-up time is to decrease wrap-up time but not force advisors into lowering their output. Reduced wrap-up time does not mean that advisors have to be less productive. Call wrap-up, or the time taken by agents to close customer contact, is when the agent can speak with their supervisors and add notes to a CRM. One of the most effective ways to reduce wrap-up time is to make your call center agents proficient in using your systems and processes.

Benefits of reducing the call wrap-up time:

Your agents will be able to use your company’s CRM or call center software. The software’s functionality makes it easier for your agents to handle calls faster to reduce call wrap-up time. Automating customer service cuts down on time and decreases the possibility of human error. You must compile a list listing the tasks agents complete during wrap-up time to automate customer service. Call tracking and speech analytics are just two of the tools you can use.

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These tools will help target the right audience to increase conversion to reduce call wrap-up time. One is to use fast typing. Not necessarily what we suggest is helpful to save time. You can use text expansion or voice typing. It would help if you recorded every conversation with your customers.

Training agents:

It isn’t something that should be done in a single session. Training can reduce call wrap-up time. However, it should still be ongoing. For example, sitting in on underperforming agents and helping identify their problem areas can dramatically minimize call wrap-up time. This is why coaching call center agents should always be done. In addition, callers sometimes need assistance with setting up passwords or checking their account status.

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You can speed up your call wrapping by using interactive voice response (IVR). It can be used for callers’ assistance and can speed up the handling of calls. It is reasonable to expect that employees will find therefore workplace tools straightforward.

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