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WanPipe Installation

Sangoma comes with a lousy and outside of daily instruction, wanpipe installation. Their very last card echo cancellation lacks a few pieces of advice. 

WanPipe Installation, 

2006/07/23: !!! Update!!! Together with my setup, beta4 is operating completely, and I don’t have any sound with beta-5. 


2006/07/23: brand new wanpipe motorist has gone outside: wanpipe-beta5. Unfortunately,” as stated by the changelog, together with the aid for your hottest kernels 2.6.16 and also 2.6.17, No Thing to get it’s a 200, wanpipe installation


2006/07/17: exactly the wanpipe-beta5-pre5-2.3.4. The motorist has vanished from your aid FTP. Our asterisk+linux expires occasionally and can odd products for that we’ve to re-boot or take away PIDs every moment; point. I figure we simply have to wait for a fresh edition. — Vincent-Olivier Arsenault 


2006/06/23:‘d noise issues (i.e., no audio ),” echo cancellation module Wouldn’t Be Able to Be loaded, /var/log/messages stated: 

P Id along with wan_ec_socket. And commence wan router (thx into David Yat Sin, in sangoma) 


wanpipe installation, 2006/06/13:

You can find well-known issues with kernel 2.6.16 and also wanpipe-beta4-2.3.4, utilize least wanpipe-beta5-pre5-2.3.4. Gaz 


03 June: Sangoma has consented that they will have trouble using facsimile. Fine, it’s brought them to inform me that the reality. That I believe I will return straight back into Digium all things considered.


02 June: Faxing appears weathered. Inside my own tests, it sounds faxes will neglect 100 percent if echo cancellation is deterred with echocancel=no or echocancelwhenbridged=no. When repeat cancellation is really on faxes, appear to function 50 percent of their moment, together with all the facsimile system revealing”Comms Error.” 


2-9 might:

Fax definitely no longer focusing on the Sangoma a 200. Additionally, they have difficulty with fx’s modules, and I Have Located that an fx’s module divided ( the shift of this profit shift nothing for a few of those vents! ) 


10 March 2006: Sangoma has understood a great product isn’t sufficient; fantastic documentation can be essential. First, wanpipe installation Have clearly attempted to endeavor, what is fine today will always be to spell out whether HDL-c is no assistance for your own a-200 card. 


A few Useful advice: 


It appears as though that you never require the HDL-c service to Maximize the motorist. 

| Inappropriate, visit beneath | You Want to make this specific apparatus for echo cancellation: MK nod /dev/wp1ec call 242 Inch ( Should You utilize dev it Should Be Performed satisfactorily! ) 

Update mknod has to be achieved for the majority of ports!!! 

Utilize this script: 



A =1. 

Even though [“a”! 


It generates a very initial 3 2 apparatus, wanpipe installation


Additionally, the next one May Be Used to Equal purpose: 

It’s likely to possess a whole Digium ( tdm400 like ) plus also a sangoma card ( analyzed using an A200 with a Digium card ) ( my estimation, also it’s personal, the sangoma is very good, and consequences are much better, even despite a few doc concern some-times ). 

Setting up the motorists 


I suppose asterisk was mounted, along with Zapata modules too. The next was analyzed with asterisk 1.2.4 along with Zapata 1.2.4 , wanpipe installation


Down load the latest drivers ( such as your card and also the ec ); in that time, it’s hwec-utils-beta4-2.3.4. Tgz 

update (2006/06/13) Caution: You can find well-known difficulties with kernel 2.6.16 along with wanpipe-beta4-2.3.4, utilize least wanpipe-beta5-pre5-2.3.4. Tags 

then we-utils-beta4-2.3.4. Tags 

C-D wanpipe 

. /Installation set up –routine TDM , wanpipe installation

Response the information that you never required HDL C around the a-200. When my evaluations are all not correct. I guess it to violate rx_fax along with tx_fax( want more testing ) 

when completed, make your, etc/zaptel. Conf 

operate”wancfg zaptel” 

operate wancfg, “Edit active Configuration File,” decide on your config document ( wanpipe1.conf commonly ), __” user interface set up” ( you have to view -> inch outlined ), user interface inch –> w1g1. Also, that means you need to possess 

ÀpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡User Interface Identify –> w1g1 àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ 

ÀpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡procedure Mode–> TDM_VOICE àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ , wanpipe installation

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡TDM Voice Span——–> inch àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ , wanpipe installation

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡over-ride Asterisk Echo allow -‘ No fewer àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ , wanpipe installation

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡TDM PRI HW-HDLC time-slot —> 0 Not Employed àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ 

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡components Echo Cancellation–> Yes 


Permit the Echo Cancellation when essential. 

Afterward back, depart, Certainly to Conserve your conf file, depart, depart 

conduct wan router launch , wanpipe installation

And assess whether it functions: 


X would be the station number that you ought to possess something such as that: 


Wanpipe1: reading through Echo Canceller stats for station 6. carried out! 


Amounts will vary once you’re likely to utilize them, wanpipe installation


Update your etc/asterisk/Zapata. Conf together with the stations you’re employing and insert until the station traces: 



( the most recent one is Important when you Experience an fxs module, and also you Intend to Set a facsimile onto it, then faxes do not value repeat cancellation generally ) 


And restart your own asterisk. 


So, It’s been analyzed over the Debian sarge having a kernel 2.6.15 , wanpipe installation


Dmesg will display some advice, and also you may see out more in /var/log/messages, a tail -f /var/log/messages, if a telephone is in advance, will exhibit whether the EC is doing work or maybe not. 


While You listen to exactly what after your telephone? Start looking for that mknod control with this particular page.


How-to have two cards, both TDM400P and also A-200 together with Dec, wanpipe installation


Uncomplicated, put in the Digium, reconstruct all, assess it performs, then install the motorists beta4 out of sangoma. (no more HDL C, just TDMV motorist ) 


Once you’ve implemented the Installation script, then it’s still true that you need to generate the wanpipe1—conf file. Purists will state, “indeed, wanpipe installation, however, we’ve placed no setup regarding the sangoma card and also even when we perform thus the way a wancfg app will start config for your own tdm400 along with usually the main one to your own a-200?“. It doesn’t, 

Generic document

But create a generic document with all the a-200 which works all fxo or fxs modules you’ve got. However, It informs this motorist to emphasize all of the ports. 

Just one Final Issue, operate wancfg,”Edit present Configuration File”, Select Your config document ( wanpipe1.conf generally ), wanpipe installation, “User Interface Set up” ( you need to visit -> Inch Outlined ), User Interface Inch –> w1g1, also you need to own: 


The ÀpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡User Interface Identify –> w1g1 àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ 

ÀpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡procedure Mode–> TDM_VOICE àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ , wanpipe installation

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡TDM Voice Span——–> inch àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ 

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡over-ride Asterisk Echo allow -‘ No less àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ , wanpipe installation

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡TDM PRI HW-HDLC time-slot —> 0 Not Employed àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ , wanpipe installation

àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡ àpenniesÃpennies â¬Å¡components Echo Cancellation–> Yes 


Empower the Echo Cancellation when desired. 


moreover, Later back, depart, certainly to conserve your conf file, depart, depart. 


Wanrouter commence , wanpipe installation


To locate the station amounts: 


Kitty /proc/zaptel/1 

So, Kitty /proc/zaptel/2 


While The arrangement is dependent upon which driver was fulfilled. Thus in the event that you’ve completed a mod probe wctdm original, the stations 1 to 4 will be onto the Digium card. So They aren’t sequential sangoma a-200 card is currently starting six soon after having a Digium card hence assess. And become careful about your boot-up scripts.



Inch WCTDM/0/0 FXSKS (In-use ) 





And examine whether it functions, wanpipe installation



So To attempt and load it ( as a result of etc/zaptelconf ? ). Any Way you Are Going to Have this: 


however, From the perspective, it’s safe and sound. wanpipe installation and we you can also Read it  Asterisk VoIP Providers