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31 Must-Known VoIP Statistics for 2022

VoIP will account for almost 70% of all global telephone traffic by 2022. Cloud-based unified communications will be adopted by 66% of businesses by 2022. By 2020, voice assistants will handle 30% of all customer service interactions. In 2021, 43% of companies will use Augmented Reality for customer support.

VoIP is the future of communication and offers many benefits over traditional phone systems.

VoIP is more cost-effective than traditional systems and can save your business money. It provides superior voice quality and more explicit connections for customers. In addition, voIP makes it easy to set up remote contact centers worldwide, significantly improving customer service response times. 

Worldwide VoIP Market Statistics 

VoIP capabilities help businesses reach new customers and markets with greater efficiency and cost savings. . VoIP supports better customer service with features like chat, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. It helps companies automate their sales and marketing processes for increased productivity and scalability. The global VoIP market is growing, giving businesses more opportunities to optimize their communications strategies.

The VoIP market is estimated to grow at a 15% CAGR from 2021 to 2027. Asia-Pacific is expected to lead mobile VoIP market growth through 2024, reaching $60 billion in global market share. Android OS is estimated to be the dominating mobile VoIP with $90 billion in market share by 2024

Cloud Migration Statistic

 Safeguard your business against unexpected interruptions. Operate as usual with low risk. Gain flexibility in your operations. Scale your solutions to meet your needs

Cloud Migration Statistics

Companies are migrating to the cloud at an unprecedented rate. Cloud adoption is being driven by COVID-19. Enterprises seek reliable cloud solutions. Reliability factors are driving VoIP migration.

Top Attributes By Market Size – 

Simple Call Attributes For Small Businesses –Small businesses can get the most out of simple call features. In addition, enterprises can unify communications with essential VoIP features.

Enterprises seek to unify communications – Auto-attendant, call forwarding, and caller ID are just a few examples of essential call features. Call recording and holding music are also popular among businesses.

Virtual Number Statistics – 

Increase customer satisfaction with call quality and reliability of the network. Stand up your brand in front of customers. Quickly expand your business’s efforts. Keep track of calls, messages, and more with detailed reports. 

New NAMP toll-free numbers are coming –

822 is expected to be used in the future, followed by other reserved area codes, including 880, 887, and 899. (Project Hatch)

Vanity numbers propel business marketing. 85% of people are likely to remember a vanity number after seeing or hearing it in an advertisement. (Number Barn)

Virtual mobile numbers enhance customer reach. More than two-thirds of the global population are mobile phone users, with smartphones accounting for 4 out of 5 mobile handset devices. (Datareportal)

Extended voice reach relies on direct routing. Upwards of 90% of enterprise companies using MS Teams for telephony will use Direct Routing for PSTN connectivity at the end of 2022. (Loop)

The majority of businesses find value in direct routing. 70.4% of organizations with MS Teams are using direct routing now. (Metrigy)

VoIP Use-Case by Industry – 

We are going to highlight a few ways here, such as virtual numbers and cloud telephony systems, to help different businesses to grow and expand – 

Productive and Profitable spur cloud adoption by government administration. – 

Government entities can become more agile and responsive to citizens’ needs by using the cloud. In addition, cloud adoption is also helping government entities become more secure.

Government entities that use the cloud can better share data and collaborate.

A customer-centric approach that benefits financial services –  A customer-centric approach bodes well for financial assistance. IVR helped increase the call containment rate by 5% and Improved CSAT by 25%. Saved a North American financial institution around $100 million

Digital experiences of connected customers drive API traffic. –  Increase traffic and conversions with APIs that connect to customers in real-time. Leverage the power of big data and machine learning for predictive analytics and recommendations.

Create unique digital experiences with contextual customer interactions across channels. Extend your brand reach and improve customer loyalty with an engaging, personalized experience

Unified Cloud Communications Statistics in VoIP – 

UC expands an organization’s voice reach by allowing customers to contact them through various communication channels, including voice, chat, text, and social media. In addition, UC boosts agent productivity by providing the ability to manage all customer interactions in one place. 

The importance of unified cloud communications is as follows – 

1- A boost in Modern Workplace Collaboration – 25% of 18-29-year-old respondents use video conferencing daily for work, compared to 15% of those 45-60 years of age. (Lifesize) 

2- Mobile VoIP has increased the need for UC at a breakneck pace -. BYOD is expected to drive demand for unified communications systems by 2023. (Valuates Reports)

3- Mobile video & CX – Mobile video is 2X more likely to improve customer experience. (Aberdeen)

4- Social media video can bring you money – Create social media videos that have the potential to increase revenue. Get customers interested in your product or service through engaging and informative videos. Keep viewers on your page longer, increasing the chances that they will buy what you’re selling.

Pocket-Friendly VoIP Statistics – 

 VoIP can reduce telecom costs by 50% or more. Save on international calling with our competitive rates. Get powerful features like voicemail to email, call forwarding, and more.

Keep your same phone number and get a new phone system.

1- Reduction In Costing – Unified Communications (UC) provide a 39% savings.SIP trunking can save an average of 16% on PSTN costs. Reduce the number of physical phone lines

2- VoIP minimizes calling rates by a quarter of traditional telephony services – – Save up to 25% on your current calling rates; No expensive equipment needed; works with your existing phones

VoIP Evolution in 2022 and Beyond –

VoIP will continue to rise in popularity as businesses discover its reliability and HD call quality.

The ease-of-use platform with omnichannel capabilities is perfect for any business. In addition, VoIP’s scalable pricing models make it a cost-effective choice for any company. With the help of AI and API, businesses can take their VoIP experience to the next level.

AI adoption is increasing daily at a rapid pace – AI projected growth rate usage is expected to grow 143% over the next 18 months.34% of companies plan to implement it in that period. Already using it? 24% of companies are already using AI

API is essential for growth – API growth exceeds that of mobile, IoT, and cloud.APIs provide a competitive advantage through speed to market, innovation, and differentiation.APIs are the foundation of digital transformation.

Better Voice Connectivity Awaits on the Cloud –

The VoIP industry is changing quickly. Cloud-based voice solutions provide better call quality and reliability.VoIP can help businesses reach their global customer base more efficiently.

Cloud-based voice solutions are more cost-effective than on-premise options.

Improve customer satisfaction with better voice quality. Connect globally with customers in any country. Automate customer interactions to improve efficiency and reduce errors. Easily integrate with your existing PBX phone system.

MCM offers the best cloud communications Software –

Elevate customer interactions with award-winning voice technology tools. Improve team performance with expansive 170+ country global number inventory. Increase customer satisfaction and business goals with fast implementation times. Benefit from our 24/7 support and expert team of engineers

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