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8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge Any Business

8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge is a beautiful example of how a small innovation can be a significant part of our everyday lives. Virtual calling is now as simple and easy as carrying a mobile phone around with you. From 2010 to 2020, the U.S. experienced seven times the number of VoIP lines.

8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge Any Business

Digital services, webshops, and new online stores share one thing: every penny is great and should be used wisely. So, for example, it’s possible to use a VoIP telephone to route calls between existing devices, such as smartphones or laptops, instead of using traditional desk phones. This is the difference in cost between an 8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge-based business phone system and a traditional telephone system.


Most VoIP companies allow you to port your telephone number from another provider, such as AT&T or Sprint. The amount of savings you get from VoIP will depend on how much you use your primary telephone service. Your savings will vary from 40-to 75% when compared to the cost of non-VoIP calls. Likewise, international callers may save as much as 75% to 90% over old bills. VoIP phone systems allow entrepreneurs to communicate remotely, increase their team’s productivity, and save hundreds per month during economic downturns or pandemics.

8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge can also help you share with your business partners. Skype was defeated (Yep. Skype continues to be the most adopted and most popular VoIP service. Internet calling services are also available for all budgets. U.S. companies have made cloud phone systems their preferred communications method.

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Small businesses often feel compelled simply to add another SIM card on their mobile phones and get another number. VoIP can save you a lot more than adding a second SIM to your mobile phone. Even if your phone is not personal enough to use VoIP, you can still save $1727 per month on long telephone calls. It may seem odd that VOIP will save you more money if more users are connected.

A team of 30 members used SIP phones, and softphones and forwarded mobile calls to their smartphones. Small business-focused phones that use 8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge allow unlimited extensions. Customers will be able to connect immediately, and you can offer better service. As the pandemic forces people to isolate themselves and the digital landscape becomes more virtualized, remote working will be the next big thing in 2020.


8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge Any Business

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VoIP is The Key To Businesses

VoIP is the key to businesses that no longer have to rely on office desk phones. With VoIP, you can answer all client calls and move them from your office into your home. 8 VoIP Statistics to Supercharge telephone systems allow businesses to keep their number and provide friendly services, such as voicemail and voice menus. These systems also offer a range of team and web features, which are not available to landlines.

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