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Voip Phone Images

As stated by the Polycom administrator guide below would be the dimensions That Need to Be utilized for your own lazy picture attribute:

The guide mentions the Subsequent:

Far bigger compared to clarified at the table above are okay; however, bigger symbols could possibly interfere with all different regions of an individual interface. (ie. You may Observe that the emblem in the backdrop popping from the different sides of menus whenever surfing via menus or even while on forecasts )

The SoundPoint IP501/600/601 mobiles merely hold four hues black gray, gray, light white, and gray. All additional colors will probably be more pliable.

Even the SoundPoint IP550/560/650 telephones encourage a 4-bit gray-scale, and it really is really an easy gradient from black (0,0,0) to snowy (FF, FF, FF).

The SoundStation IP 4000 cell phone just supports white and black. Every additional color images will probably be left as either white or dark.

For consequences, you ought to save all of the files just as 4BPP/16 coloration.

You May add an idle picture Towards the Telephone either ) worldwide by changing the sip.cfg document, or two ) to get Certain telephones by changing the telephone special configuration document.

Worldwide Allergic Images

Load on your current sip.cfg file in your favourite text editor. (in which X 5, 6 or more forty, YY = picture identifier)

alter the parameter into bitmap.IP_X00.YY=”path/to/idle/image/imagename”. Bit map =”IdleDefault” (in which X = 5, 5, 6 or more 40, respectively ZZ = Cartoon Identifier)

alter the parameter into IDLE_DISPLAY ind.anim.IP_X00.ZZ.frame.1. Bit map =”path/to/idle/ / image/imagename”. Bit map =”IdleDefault” (in which X = 5, 5, 6 or more 40, respectively AA = Cartoon Identifier)

alter the parameter into IDLE_DISPLAY_WIDE ind.anim.IP_X00.AA.frame.1. Bit map =”path/to/idle/ / image/imagename”. The title has to not need the expansion (ie .bmp)

rescue the file and then reboot into your own phones.

Be aware: don’t transform the amounts which arise from the initial config document set of YY, ZZ, or even AA.

Cellphone Particular Allergic Images

Load on your sip.cfg file in your favourite text editor. (in which X = 5, 5, 6 or more forty, YY = picture identifier). Pay Attention to this YY Price. Bit map =”IdleDefault” (in which X = 5, 5, 6 or more forty, ZZ = Cartoon Identifier). Pay Attention to this ZZ Price. Bit map =”IdleDefault” (in which X = 5, 5, 6 or more forty, AA = Cartoon Identifier). Pay Attention to this AA Price.

Load on your phone.cfg file.

Include the next entrances to a phone.cfg file instantly following the Label, substituting the worth of YY, ZZ along with AA which you simply noticed previously.

Crucial: Once Inch ) or two ) you Need to Do so:

N.B. The lineup preceding ought to be substituted with…

of course, should you place it into the sip.cfg, simply alter the


this can make it possible for the idle exhibit.

To restore the screen, you are going to have to have two graphics.

(where X 5, 6 or more Forty, YY = picture identifier)

subsequently add it on a own file (sip.cfg, or phone.cfg)

That Animation lines ought to the current study.

You can use it because many graphics as you would enjoy, but don’t forget to make use of successive amounts, rather maybe not to recreate precisely the exact same number double.

The period is milliseconds. (1/1000 of the moment )

Notice: Do not place the length of non, strive 3000 original, differently the images quietly neglect.

A word of warning! The picture Measurements over are Obligatory, Except You Become right into editing Dimensions and place

Overly big, also it can reboot into a couple of occasions and perhaps not even display.

However, you may possibly find a way to utilize 8 pieces.

Digium Lists Accomplishment Tale

Bit Map Quotas

In the event that it’s still true that you can not observe the picture to the exhibit, however, also the design altered to your lesser and more re-located day and period (leaving a blank area at which you would be expecting you’ll realize your picture ), then you might have struck on the memory allocation limitation which the device comes for bitmaps.


Name”bit map” res.quotas.2.

(this signifies that your quota for bitmaps will be 10KBytes)

Boost significance to your few over the bitmaps you intend to load into the telephone (my only perhaps not revived bit map has been 15K S O that I raised the amount of”20″).

Save your self sip.conf, reboot into the telephone, and love!

To describe, it looks like this bit map quota is to get all of consumer packed bitmaps, perhaps not simply every single. I.e., in the event that you place it into 20k just previously, each of them must arrive at below 20k, or even also the device will likely only begin falling those which arrive from more than that number. E.g.I simply recently put mine into 3-5 because I’d about three 4 piece bitmaps within a cartoon which stumbled on approximately 3 3 or even 34k.

Web-based Bit Map documents

I have discovered that simply like sound data files, the picture documents could be hosted on almost any accessible server.

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