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Getting MWI on Polycom Phones to Work Well with Asterisk 


Getting MWI on Polycom Phones to Utilize Asterisk 

MWI can be really a quality that’ll display the LED, also display a icon onto your telephone display whenever there exists an email message . 


However on Asterisk aspect of matters, you’ll find nothing at all unique that has to be accomplished. Just guarantee the mailbox parameter is place directly from the mobile’s sip.conf entry. 


You might need to insert @circumstance into the inbox entrance. This generally seems to resolve matters for most end users. Be aware this context could be that the circumstance given in voicemail.conf for its expansion, perhaps not the circumstance given in sip.conf 


Prior to starting modifying config documents onto the Polycom facet , you ought to see that the Soundpoint IP SIP Admin information, or even familiarize your self with all an per-phone config document, as protected in section 4.6.3. 


Portion of this Guide handles the Messaging works, also handles the label, and that’s things you want to personalize. 


Here Is a good illustration (alter in the defaults on your firmware rev): 






Re-place 8500 together with your VM expansion. 


You might need to place reg.1. DisplayName=”username“( which can be an feature of phone1/reg (for just about every line utilised ) on your phonexxxx.cfg document to have the MWI to lighting. Placing bypassInstantMessage=”1″ does not impact the mild, it alters that the concept crucial behaviour to proceed right to voicemail rather than providing you an option. 


This have to take action! 


Now you have obtained MWI installation, you might wind up annoyed with the regular tone which the telephone can play every time a note is awaiting in DND manner! Watch those records on Polycom SoundPoint IP MWI sound in the event that you would like to disable it. 


Another note: For those who own a multiline mobile with broader SIP applications (2.2.0) and desire your own Messages button to automatically phone to a standard Voice Mail expansion, nevertheless need your MWI’s to appear to get several lines that are different you need to place up your user_preferences and place up the mwiVisible=”1″ this permits for MWI’s onscreen traces described from the MWI segment their callBackMode=”handicapped” 




Up.backlight.onIntensity=”two ″ 




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