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Voice Announcement

You might like to send a Voice Announcement to your guests before you forward them somewhere. Or, essentially, play a message and then hang up. You can easily ruin this by using a Voice application such as Announcement.

Can I add a voice announcement?

Sends a message Plays a discretionary welcome message such as “Welcome to My Country Mobile.” It’s time to make a move. Send the call to a group, client, or telephone number. Or hang up. For example, you can have a declaration that says, “Welcome To My Country Mobile.” Then, if you don’t mind waiting, we will connect your call to a specialist and send the guest to a regular versatile number.

Free of charge, you can make as many declarations as you want. For example, you can associate words with only telephone numbers that come with a business bundle or Premium or free site access.

Making a declaration

Sign in to the web application by clicking on the settings symbol at the base of the screen. After that, go to Company Settings > Telephony > Voice Applications. Tap on the “+” symbol to make as many declarations as possible. This will provide you with an alternative view to make another declaration. Voice Announcement choices for declaration arrangements

These are your options:


You can erase the entire statement.

Declaration name

Displays the name you used to sign the declaration when it was made. After the declaration, Describe what should happen after the declaration is played to the guest.

Declaration message

This allows you to pay close attention to the message and current declaration before you send the call (in case this is the activity you choose). Possibilities for activities following the playing declaration, You could make some possible moves when the guest selects a menu option.

Voice Announcement - My Counrty Mobile

Assist client of Voice Announcement

This allows you to select a colleague to whom you want the call to be sent. How they receive the call will depend on their call settings. Interact with a telephone number, You will need to enter a phone number, preferably +NUMBER format. This is where the guest should be sent. Interface for the voice application Voice Announcement, Associate the guest with another Voice menu, Announcement, or Voicemail box. Associate with SIP Address for cutting-edge clients, enter a SIP address to which the call should be redirected.

Don’t answer the phone. This is the default activity. Update messages played two messages are being played This is the declaration. Please pause this is done assuming that the guest should be sent somewhere within a few hours of hearing the declaration. To pay attention to the message at this moment, press the Play button. Push the menu symbol (closer to the play button) to change the recording.

If you need to refresh a message, you have the following options:

The sound document can be transferred

You should transfer the record to WAV PCM, 8000hz 16-bit mono sound

Text to discourse

Allows you to type text and convert it to a recording using Text-to-discourse.

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