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Voice Activated Communication for Preschoolers

My Country Mobile (MCM) is a company that genuinely values Sprint Caller ID Lookup. Being a father to a four-year-old boy, I am often struck by the technology today and how it affects children’s lives. It’s easy for children to interact with computers, whether they use their iPads/ LeapFrogs or touch Siri or Echo. So it made sense for me to combine this benefit with another MCM benefit, the Sprint Sabbatical. This allows me to examine how to lower the learning curve between smartphones and children. Sprint Sabbaticals are two weeks of free time for any MCM employee to create an idea. If your idea is approved for a Sprint Sabbatical, you can take a break from your job so you can concentrate on your sabbatical.

There are already many tools available to help kids engage with their smartphones and other phone-like devices. This is a simple example based on an internet search that I made Sprint Caller ID Lookup. My sabbatical project had some goals.

  • Communication between family members is accessible Sprint Caller ID Lookup with technology: parents and children, preferably three to five years.
  • Eliminate the need for a child to remember phone numbers/contacts, navigate through a UI, or accidentally hit the wrong button.
  • The interface should be voice-activated, using simple commands such as “Mommy” and “Daddy,” which any child that age would intuitively know.

Tessel, an open-source hardware prototyping tool, inspired my first build. Tessel is a minicomputer that can add modules to the mainboard. It’s similar to other micro-computers like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. Each module can add functional enhancements to base Tessel, such as GPS, Sprint Caller ID Lookup, accelerometer, and ambient. 

Sprint Caller ID Lookup

Sprint Caller ID Lookup

In addition, Tessel has onboard WiFi capability, which is a crucial difference. I used both the GPRS module (for GSM cellular service) and the audio module (for voice command input). The Sprint Caller ID Lookup came out looking something like the image below. The board have assemble in a cardboard box measuring 3″x6″x1″ with holes for micro USB and mic inputs.

One of my most important requirements was that the device is entirely offline (i.e., Without internet connectivity, that was one of my most important requirements. The piece that stopped this from becoming a reality was integrating the speech recognition portion. Sphinx was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and has been accepted as an API for voice recognition. It ported to many languages. Unfortunately, it was impossible to execute code on Tessel using any of the three Node.js/JS ports for Sphinx (node pocketing, Sprint Caller ID Lookup js, or pocket sphinx web).

Facebook developed an online speech recognition service. The sole purpose of the node.js service was to convert audio from the Tessel into a format would recognize. would respond with a JSON string that indicated a level of confidence about how close the audio was being to a preconfigured set. Then, the Tessel would dial the contact number matching the confidence level Sprint Caller ID Lookup. This sequence was relatively slow, so that an offline approach would have been better.

Caller ID Sequence Diagram

Below is the sequence diagram of the demo I was able, and all of the components. First, I recorded my son saying “I want mommy” and “I want daddy” to demonstrate. I am playing the recording back to the Tessel device, recording what says. After playing back the phrase “I want mommy,” I was able to get the Tessel to make a Sprint Caller ID Lookup to my number. Although I could get a call to my number, the voice recognition part failed to work. It is possible that the Tessel GPS module did not receive enough signal to place the call.

It was a successful experiment. My son enjoyed shouting “Mommy,” “Daddy,” and other words into the cardboard box during the testing period. My son would have preferred to test the Tessel board with something more than a cardboard box Sprint Caller ID Lookup. He wouldn’t have to take it with him. The next version of this project might incorporate the board into a jacket, shirt, or hat so that he could always communicate with my wife and me directly without me even knowing. Tessel’s next version will be available in August. I’ll test it to see any improvements to the offline voice recognition capabilities  and we also Provide a Seamlessly Integrate With Preferred Cloud Storage and Weatherford Internet Service Providers