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Build Automated local mobile test lab

Testdroid Pricing is a small group that focuses on mobile apps and desperately needs an automated system for running our user interface (UI) tests on both native iOS devices and Android. To understand the best solution, you must familiarize yourself with the CI (Continuous Integration) workflow. 

Every bug fix, new feature, and code change are developed on a different branch. After the code has been completed, the developer creates pull requests against the main stem. 

After automation is completed, our QA team (aka myself) downloads and runs the UI testing on a few devices. The code is then manually verified, reviewed, and finally merges the changes into the main branch if everything is fine. I wanted to move the UI testing on a few devices section to the ‘web magic” portion.

The Current Offers Testdroid Pricing

Although there are many other solutions for ‘test cloud,’ none meet all of the above requirements. The feedback loop from the ‘test requested’ to the results stage of some Testdroid Pricing cloud solutions can be very different. In addition, test cloud solutions might have limitations. For example, Ruby (for Calabash) may require that tests be written in a specific language. Others require that the test code be particular to each device being tested. None of the cloud-based test solutions allows you to run on specific devices and report to a single source of truth (e.g., where would your check verify that everything passed?). Each service also requires considerable tuning overhead to meet testing requirements.

Using Node to build an automated local mobile test lab - My Country Mobile

MCM Test Cloud

My Country Mobile (MCM) is a unique solution – if you have the funds. The primary offering starts at $1000/month and has less priority execution Testdroid Pricing (meaning that feedback loops from request to results can vary greatly). MCM test cloud also requires that your test writes in Calabash. While Calabash is robust in some situations, it does not meet our requirements for mobile testing tools.

Appthwack Testdroid Pricing

This is the best value-for-money offering currently available. Appium, which we use, can also write tests through their test backend. However, Testdroid Pricing testing requires modifications to the test code. Also, the test must specify every device that tests.

Testdroid Pricing Cloud & Test Droid Enterprise

Appthwack is cheaper than Testdroid Pricing Cloud and requires very little modification. First, however, the tests are set up to authenticate to their API.

Testdroid Pricing Enterprise lets you ‘byod” (bring your device) and runs unlimited testing on those devices. This is a great deal, except the $99/month per device.

The current cloud-based test solutions are not making small incremental changes. Instead, robust and automated systems require to run UI (user interface) or other tests on new mobile code executing on one or several mobile platforms / operating systems.

My Solution – “Mobile Test Cloud”

Mobile test cloud (for iOS) is a NodeJS application that runs Testdroid Pricing (written in any language) tests on a mac.

When a Pull Request makes updates on Github, the test cloud starts. The test cloud downloads the Github repository and installs any necessary tests. Mobile Test Cloud then waits for the CI environment to run unit tests and build the mobile app. It then searches for connected devices and begins testing. You can run the tests on multiple devices and record and save the results to a cloud-based storage service. Below is the data flow and difficulty for the solution.

What makes the mobile cloud different?

This is, in my opinion, the greatest value-added after incorporating Mobile Test Cloud Testdroid Pricing into my project. All results: Code Coverage, Unit Testing, UI Tests view in the pull request. It is easier to get feedback from the source with links to more detailed results.

Testdroid Pricing

BYOD – Bring your device

Mobile Test Cloud is BYOD-friendly by design. This is crucial for MCM. Testdroid Pricing tests custom Android versions, validating outgoing and incoming calls, sending/receiving SMS, and MMS. These are all more difficult to try using the existing services. BYOD is not the best solution for web apps where the intended functionality doesn’t change between devices.

Changes in test results are minimal to none.

The test code may not modify depending on how Appium tests write original. For example, mobile Test Cloud requires that the mobile app path not be specified in the tests.

Future Revisions

Mobile Test Cloud is an ongoing effort. However, the Testdroid Pricing system could benefit from some tricks and features.

Parallel tests: This is not possible due to iOS limitations. To enable the ability to run tests, the Appium tests much configure to accept Appium ports.

Mobile Test Cloud: Build App. This will speed up the feedback loop and start the UI tests simultaneously with the Unit tests. Unfortunately, compiling mobile apps is not easy and is therefore out of scope.

A website with results: Instead of uploading each run’s results to an S3 bucket, it is better to have a website that displays them. Developers would view the history of tests and not search for each pull request’s result.

Mobile Test Cloud currently only allows one test per session. This simple modification would allow Mobile Test Cloud to queue up tests and then process them in the order they received.


Mobile Testdroid Pricing Clouds create an affordable alternative to existing cloud-based test services. It evolved to be more flexible and customizable than the existing test cloud services, making it possible to use it in conjunction with them for high-quality applications. For example, Republic Wireless, whose flagship app requires a Republic smartphone, can run its app on custom hardware configurations. You can also add a device to the automated testing process, where standard background applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Chrome take up processing power. This allows your tests to simulate real-world user experience.

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