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Using Tone Analyzer API: Analyze tone of messages

Tone Analyzer Technology has allowed us to develop more non-verbal communication methods in professional and social environments. Emails, text messaging, Facebook messages, and Instagram DMs are just examples of nonverbal communication.

Tone Analyzer communication methods are more accessible than ever in today’s fast-paced world. For example, you want to plan dinner with a friend later in the week. You can send them a message, and they will respond when convenient without looking for time for a call. This is a great way to communicate with people from different time zones. It’s easier to reply to emails than to try to schedule a call with someone across the world. However, non-verbal communication has a problem. The voice style can be more challenging to convey through written text than spoken voice. As a result, your message can get misinterpreted by the person receiving it. 

We can use Watson’s Tone Analyzer and My Country Mobile(MCM) (messaging API) to set up a server that intercepts users’ texts and analyzes them. The sentiment analysis is then returned to the user. The user can either send the first message to the intended recipient or cancel it to rewrite it.

How the “Checking SMS to Tone Analyzer” App works

  • User 1 reaches 828-111-2222.
  • User 2 would like to send User 2 a message but must ensure they understand it.
  • The following format by User 1 to send a message to MCM number 828202-3239:
  • “+18283334444 “

The MCM number refers to an MCM application that sends a POST request to an AWS server. When the server receives a POST from a new number, message with Watson Tone Analyzer for analysis, the initial user receives the study and the transmission and destination of the original text on the server.

User 1 will get a reply from 828-202-2339 to analyze their message by the Watson Tone Analyzer. They ask to continue sending their message. If they respond ‘yes,’ the server will send the message to User 2. User 2 will receive a text message from 828-202-3243 in the following format. see also Ecuador.

“Message from +1828111222222:”

If User 1 replies “no,” the message and destination of the original text from the server.

Anonymous Text Therapy

Let’s discuss this idea further. First, we can create an app that allows anonymous therapy and message tone analysis via text messages. This “therapy service” can be signed up using a patient’s phone number. The patient will then receive an MCM number from Tone Analyzer. This MCM phone number to connect with therapists. It acts as a shield between patient and therapist. The MCM phone number will reply to each text message sent by the patient or therapist. It contains the tone analysis and confirms the initial announcement. Know more about 919 Area Code and Conference Calling Touch Tone Commands.