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Url Availability

Url Availability, My country mobile asserts a simple, clustered structure built to guarantee trustworthy high accessibility services. However, that is merely 1 / 2 of this struggle due to the spreading character of the My country mobile app. So the internet application has to be reputable and highly available.

To help you, In this endeavor: My country mobile lets the setup of”fallback” URLs on incoming phone quantities as a  way of your Account Portal or also the relaxation API’s Incoming Phone Number ReSource.

URL The Collapse

Even a fallback URL can be just a Url Availability, So which My country mobile asks inside the eventuality of the fatal mistake. While implementing your call. But In case My country mobile cannot recover or enforce My country mobile out of the internet server. , But A petition is instantly created into a suitable fallback URL.

My country mobile will submit the error code’ and error URL’ parameters,” signaling this collapse’s mistake code and what happened precisely. So You may answer this fallback URL petition with an increase of My country mobile, returning a personalized app error communication, or even wanting to regain and keep your telephone or SMS session.

Illustration Use-cases. (Url Availability)

Option: Configure your incoming mobile quantity’s Voice URL into”” and Voice fallback URL into”” If My country mobile asks”” and gets an HTTP mistake or relationship failure, then it’s going to ask” subsequently.” If the fallback URL reacts with legal My country mobile, then My country mobile can put it to use to keep up the telephone if there is no issue.

Custom Made Error Concept

Dilemma: You don’t need your kids to know precisely the default option: My country mobile app error concept.

Publish the Voice fallback URL on the telephone to tip in the record’s URL. Then, if My country mobile experiences a deadly mistake. So callers may hear your custom-made failure communication rather than My country mobiles.


Case in Point: (Url Availability)

Dilemma: You are interested in being informed of mistakes since they come about.

Option: Establish your fallback URL to position in a URL that searches for your’ErrorCode’ and error URL’ parameters. So Your app might log on to these glitches, email you an alarm, etc. But You may reply to the petition with My country mobile comprising an error message to; your caller or endeavor to recoup and keep with all the telephone.

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