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Uk 03 Numbers And Freephone Number Changes

UK 03 Number and Freephone Number Changes

The changes will be a significant inconvenience for companies that market their products as “toll-free” in the UK yet still utilize non-geographic numbers. The essential thing you should know about these regulations is that they will affect nearly all businesses advertising 0800, 0845, or any other international number to reach customers in the UK.

About UK Toll-Free Number

UK “toll-free” numbers have never been accessible for customers to dial. 

You can call 0800 and 808 numbers for free when placed from your landline, but if you’re using a mobile phone to make the call, then expect to pay an additional charge.

In addition, numbers beginning with the 084 and 087 prefixes pay for premium rates. Also, “except 0870 numbers”, other numbers provide revenue sharing for both parties.

When you’re looking to make your next phone call, be sure not just check out what’s included in the package. Some numbers are only offered as part of landline calling plans, but most mobile providers won’t give them any attention.

The cost of calling customer service for your company is expensive and confusing. Your mobile call is not covered by your calling plan and will be charged at a premium rate.

Ofcom’s Major changes which are affecting many Businesses

The United Kingdom is set to make significant changes, which could affect your company.

  • Freephone Calls to 0800 and 0808 Numbers Will be Free for All Callers.
  • 0845 and 0870 Numbers Disallowed for Helplines.

087 and 084 are no longer for helplines

A recent European Union Directives took effect on June 13th, 2014, requiring no customer to be charged more than the national rate when contacting customer service or support teams via telephone.

The new rules from Ofcom will require businesses using UK toll-free numbers or freephone calling plans to connect with local customers beginning on July 1st.

The new rules prevent businesses from advertising these phone numbers (084, 087, or 09) for consumer use for complaints, services, or any other. (Companies who provide non-customer advice services can now use 0845 numbers so long as the charges for this type of call are advertised. The customer will be charged two separate amounts for assistance and access—charges, which are both payable to the company that provides them).

No Charges on Mobile Calls to 0800 and 0808 Freephone Number

Every call dialed to a freephone number (0800 or 0808) must be accessible for consumers. 

Before this regulation, businesses, and customers split the cost of calls to freephone lines. 

The new rules will require businesses to pay for all calls regardless of the device or network used. In addition, incumbent carriers now charge a single blended rate for landlines and mobile communications, meaning they will charge businesses at one standard price.

How Can Your Company Reduce Telephony Costs?

The cost for calls from a landline or mobile phone to an 0800 and 0800 number varies depending on what country you’re calling in, but they will often be priced at the same rate as regular telephone conversations. To avoid any interruption to your business, you must replace 084 and 87 with new numbers. These can be switched from 01-03 if needed!

With 03 numbers, you can minimize your calling costs and comply with new Ofcom regulations.

About UK 03 Numbers

UK 03 numbers are a new type of non-geographic toll-free number in the UK.

As per Ofcom:-

“To make contacting companies easier and more convenient, Ofcom introduced UK-wide 03 numbers as a replacement for chargeable 0870 numbers.”

Ofcom States:-

The new numbers will allow organizations to have a single point of contact without paying an additional fee for contacting that person.

You can save money on your calling plan by calling 03 numbers. Calls to these selected extension Numbers cost no more than a national rate call and count towards the consumer’s included minutes. 03 numbers are not allowed to share revenue with consumers so that they do not receive any money from what you pay for the call.

Also, Ofcom has their 03 numbers which are:- 

  • Ofcom switchboard 0300-123-3000
  • Ofcom licensing center 0300-123-1000

Why Should I Replace My 0845 or 0870 Numbers With a 03 Number?

Calling an 03 number will not be more expensive than the national rate, and it still offers you single-point contact in the UK.

Consumers can save money by using this unique code to ring the 03 number. They’ll also include their minutes in their plans, so it doesn’t matter what phone you use! You can save money on your phone calls with a 03 number. It’s cheaper than freephone numbers!

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