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UIFN vs. ITFS: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Are you searching for a toll-free number to enlarge your business in the market? UIFN and ITFS phone numbers provide a way to connect with your customers internationally, but how will you choose? We’ll help make the process easy by showing which virtual number will be best suited for running business operations in different countries.

As your business enlarges into new markets, one essential question you need to be answered is: How will consumers of that market reach you?

The rates for international calls are expensive, and you could save yourself the hassle by using your domestic numbers. When consumers are faced with high prices, they might choose to reduce the amount of interaction between your company and them – or even disappear altogether!

If you’re looking for an international toll-free number, there are two options: Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFNs) and International Toll-Free Service.


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The Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFNs) are perfect for your business if you need a phone number available in multiple countries. The caller does not have to pay a fee for this service.

With their one-stop-shop approach, UIFNs offer customers worldwide a single point of contact for anything they need to do with your business. The ITU is a specialized agency that issues and regulates the use of UIFNs. The United International Facilitation Network numbers are for international companies only. You must comply with the UIFN program and use an accredited Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) to apply.


International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) is the perfect number for businesses and organizations that want to reach their audiences without paying a dime. ITFS numbers are a great way to get your business seen and reach customers without being outdoors. They work just like domestic toll-free numbers, but with one big difference, it grants call permission in one country and call termination in another different country.

VOIP Coverage of UIFN & ITFS

ITFS numbers allow your connection with more countries than UIFN. While the former covers around 60, depending on the telecom provider, ITFS could reach 170-180+ nations when it comes into effect! 

There’s a lot of confusion out there about what kind of coverage you need and which providers offer it. Some of the larger regional carriers offer more accessible UIFN or ITFS numbers.

International Number Porting

You can take your existing international business numbers and make them work for any VoIP provider that supports global freephone numbers. Businesses can transfer their UIFN/ITFS numbers to take benefit of more affordable rates and gain better call quality or features for your business telephone system.

Restrictions and Formatting

The majority of freephone numbers work in a similar fashion to domestic toll-free numbers, but there are some exceptions.

1) How does UFIN Works?

UFIN is into three parts which are:-

  • 800 prefix 
  • 8- digit local number
  • International Access Code (IAC)

The dialing process is easy, but there’s a trick to it. You have to first enter your country code before entering the remaining 11 digits of any local number in order for them to connect correctly with PSTN.

For eg:- +0011-800-xxxx-xxxx

2) How does an ITFS number work?

The ITFS numbers are all in a standard toll-free format, just like we are used to. Call a 3-digit (or a 4-digit based on your country) prefix of 888, 1800, or 800, such as a seven-digit local phone number.

3) What are the differences between Universal and International Toll-Free numbers?

To start a call by UFIN, you need to dial the country code of your desired destination before inputting an 11-digit number. For example, the US country code is 011. If you are dialing a UFIN from the United States, 011-800-xxxx-xxxx.

Costs of UFIN and ITFS

UFIN Costs

UIFNs are more expensive to set up and maintain than ITFS numbers. New UifiN registration fees cost $500 USD because of the two-country minimum requirement. In order to use the cloud, a company must pay both a usage fee from their ROA and any additional costs incurred by using telecom services through carriers. UIFN prices will be higher in countries with more developed telecom networks and economies because they’re tightly regulated.

ITFS Costs

ITFS numbers are less expensive than UIFN toll-free numbers because they don’t have a registration fee, only calling plans and setup fees. Carriers usually charge for the number of calls made but not an hourly rate like some other services. ITFS numbers are a great way to keep your business running smoothly between countries. Additionally, many carriers can offer competitive rates on these types of international phone lines because they only connect two nations together in this instance!

When can you use a UFIN against ITFS?

Well, it all depends on how far-reaching your company is. If you make calls with customers in several countries that make up this program, then you can go with UFIN. You can set up an ITFS phone number for your business in countries outside of the UIFN program.

How can you get a VOIP toll-free number for business?

As UFIN and International toll-free numbers are also virtual numbers, UIFNs are great for businesses that want to reach across borders and connect with customers on different sides of the world. Cloud communications providers can help you get access, so your business will never be left out in this big global marketplace!

To ensure a successful voice coverage and support experience, your provider should be able to answer all of the questions that you may have. Also, ensure that all the need documents are submit to the provider.


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So, How will you choose?

When you establish a UIFN or ITFS number for your business. It will elevate the customer’s opinion of how real and reliable they think that is. When you are able to communicate with people without costing them anything extra. It will make your message much more effective. The benefits of having excellent customer service are clear. You have a better opportunity to provide quality products and services.

When deciding how to spend your budget. It’s important that you take into account the size. Scope of our company as well as where we are located. If you are looking for a truly seamless experience, then it is worth investing in a UIFN. ITFS numbers are less expensive to set up and maintain, but the costs of establishing several can add up quickly. The UIFN number is the best investment for those who need to file an ITFS report.

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