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Our Modular Suite Of UCC Services Satisfies All the Global Needs Of Your Customers

Our complete coordinated effort (UCC Services), bound together correspondences, and other arrangements will help you grow your client base worldwide. So enjoy the Platform as a service procedure and ensure you have structures that integrate with existing frameworks.

Global ventures are again limited by the past when they attempt to create UCC Services for the future. It can be costly and complicated to combine different islands of correspondence across stages, programs, and endpoints as your business grows. What arrangement is best? The UCC Services provides specific administrations that allow your association to use existing resources and offer a future confirmation UC procedure. What is the result? A consistent, predictable experience that is universally accepted around the globe.

We’ve taken unified communications to a new level.

It isn’t easy to construct and transmit a global UC method across multiple stages and inheritance structures. Supporting that process into an unusual future is the actual test. Are you able to adapt your procedures to changing market conditions? Your applications will work with multiple seller stages. These questions can address, and UC’s genuine guarantee must understand. You can then use your existing resources to execute an internationally predictable, merchant-adopted procedure that accepts the future.

We are the most significant worldwide voice transporter, with over 1600 co-op organizations and an international, Tier-1 IP network that conveys 24% of world web traffic. So, We can provide consistent, worldwide availability, correspondence, and joint effort. We can also help you execute your UCC Services strategy across unique innovation stages, programming, and end focuses. Our secluded arrangement of global voice bound together conferencing and cloud contact focus, as well as constant correspondence APIs, will make your UC system work for you, regardless of your starting stage.

Worldwide Sip Connect

You can combine and manage your voice administrations from a single administration view. There is no compelling reason to manage multiple SIP and legacy telecom providers, organizations, and guidelines in any part of the world. However, Global SIP Connect allows you to work with one provider who provides your global on-net and offline voice administrations. Worldwide SIP Connect seamlessly interfaces your enterprise to the world using our cutting-edge worldwide IP network. So, it will take care of all your voice needs. One supplier is all you need to manage your business around the globe. Hence, this makes it easier for you to control and less costly. Combine all your UC licenses and PSTN associations – and you can have all your voice and video on one line.

A single, global view of your entire organization will give you more control, fewer costs, and greater usefulness. Global SIP Connect, which is also Microsoft(r) Skype for Business guaranteed, allows you to make local and long-distance calls to focuses around the globe. Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DID) enable users to communicate within and outside the enterprise. Global SIP Connect, an even better option, allows you to improve client support by efficiently building up to help work areas that focus on cost, compliment, and near numbers. Global SIP Connect, a pioneering industry innovation, allows video cooperation traffic to be transmitted over SIP trunks. Therefore, this eliminates the need for complex provisioning of data transfer capacity in virtual private organizations and web circuits. It connects voice and video traffic through a single organization access interface, with the ideal administration nature for each use model.

We are the best SIP choice.

Experienced Our No. 1 spot is worldwide. We are the No. 1 worldwide voice supplier and work with half of the world’s traffic. Efficient. We can reduce your costs by up to 55% for both global and homegrown calling. UCC Services Associated Our frameworks include over 1600 transporters, 785 flexible suppliers, and 700 VoIP administrators. Versatile. We have a broad reach in more than 100+ countries (ITFS), 45+ countries (UIFN), 57+ nations, and 300 urban communities. In addition to full PSTN substitution administrations for 19 nations, including DID/DDI/public and crisis and crisis calls, we also have full PSTN substitution administrations.

Head Analyst, Ovum Research

“Our research shows that SIP trunking is a key element for global organizations who are consolidating and bringing UCC Services together with their worldwide voice- and IP Telephony resources, and moving towards bound together correspondences.” These prerequisites are being met by administrations such as My Country Mobile Global SIP Connect portfolio.

Jamvee infield conferencing

Collaboration for global endeavors: Amazing things happen when people work together in harmony. When an association gives its members the ability to work together in the most efficient way possible, it can profoundly impact their usefulness. Hence, this is possible with My Country Mobile Jayvee-bound together conferencing arrangement. Jamvee allows clients to share and collaborate in UCC Services in various ways, including high-quality audio and video conferencing. It also offers cutting-edge web cooperation and complete meeting management.

You can help your clients, family members, and providers work together more efficiently and with greater creativity through the use of sound, video, and web channels. Interoperable Jamvee works with Microsoft(r), Cisco, and Skype for Business to maximize their cooperation potential. Higher ROI – jammer allows you to continue to use your interests in UCC Services work area applications, stretching gatherings out to outside partners that include telecom presence or video meeting endpoints. Different access – clients can team up through Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs). Jamvee allows clients to connect via video, sound, or web 207 area code to the gathering. In addition, it offers on-net conferencing accessible to all areas of the country and complimentary access and help via PSTN dial-out.

Cisco Webex cloud powered by UCC Services.

Global pioneers communicate individual gatherings in the cloud. Today’s international commercial center means that more groups rely on virtual associations. Representatives are distributed across branches and geographical locations. With the rise of BYOD, we can work from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, it is essential to have a system of communicating predictable and accessible worldwide. Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio is the practical solution to a consistent sound experience. CCA uses our worldwide voice administration to reach out to your Webex meeting with on-net or off-net sound. It enables you to transmit UCC Services coordinated sound and video to any device.

My Country Mobile is a reliable-sounding company that can handle any Webex client. So this is what you’ll get: An elite, normalized joint effort experience brings audio, web, and video conferencing. Hence, UCC Services engages representatives and drives utility. Global SIP Connect offers unparalleled reach and lower sound conference costs. It reduced regulatory overheads by allowing customary sound conference costs to dispense with. A cloud-based membership-as-a-administration (SaaS), which disposes of on-premise gear, builds versatility, and provides consistent, programmed updates.

Assist a recognized UCC Services worldwide pioneer

Today, we are a global supplier of correspondence arrangements, 77% of which generate outside India. In addition, we are the largest supplier of worldwide discount voice administrations. Our UCC Services, services cover more than 53 billion minutes per year, with 1 in 10 voice calls globally. All around the world, our global ability is well-recognized. Our 2014 Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific Data Communications Service Providers of the Year are also recognized as Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant* of Global Network Service Providers. For some more information visit how-voip-used-in-business & what-is-wholesale-voice

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