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How can I connect my Twitter account?

Clients can contact you directly via Twitter. MCM can connect to your Twitter account so that all inquiries from clients can be answered in one place.

To associate Twitter with MCM, start the web application. Next, click the settings button at the bottom left. Navigate to Company Settings->Customer Service->Twitter.

These steps will allow you to associate at least one account to.

Click +

Click the + button

Check yourself

We will reach out to you to verify your Twitter account, and then grant you access.

This will appear in the rundown when you create a Twitter account. MCM now allows you to send direct messages from your records.

You can interface with one Twitter representative for free if your account is on the Premium arrangement. Additional organizations will cost $25 per month. Clients who are on the regular performance plan pay $25 per month to each Twitter association.

You’ll only get direct messages to your Twitter account at the moment. Also, MCM can’t handle tweets that you have been mentioned in.

Each section in the rundown lists the Twitter account that is being used and the contact group to whom questions are directed.

Click on the three vertical dots to change the record settings.

Twitter Connect - My Country Mobile

Assist in group

All employees can view all questions. You can also choose to work with another Customer service group for any questions that are sent via this record.

So you can delete your account

Eliminates any connection between MCM Twitter. MCM will not receive any client inquiries via your account on Twitter.

Let your clients send you direct messages.

Therefore, All users should allow direct messages.

Log in to your Twitter account to enable “Get messages from anyone”. “

Potential mistakes
Assuming your number is associated with a record and you have signed in on before, the above methods will encourage you to sign up with your username. Find the lost phrase.
If your mobile number isn’t associated with any Twitter accounts, you’ll receive a message stating this. Then, you can search for another record. see also business voip.

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