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Toll-Free SMS vs Local SMS Which is right for you?

Asking your customers Free SMS how they would prefer to be reached, the majority will answer via Free SMS. Emails are often ignored, as are phone calls. However, text messages are quickly read and replied to.

This raises how your business should use Free SMS to reach customers. Every message you send is a cost.

There are many options for Free SMS.

When it comes down to it, there are two types of Free SMS — A2P (application-to-person) and P2P (person-to-person). P2P messaging is a way to have more personal conversations. It’s what we use for texting with our families and friends. It is low in volume and low throughput. We can send text, videos, photos, or whatever we need.

A2P messaging allows more Free SMS to be sent faster to more people. This is possible through shortcode and toll-free messaging. P2P, however, is your neighborhood street.

Toll-Free SMS vs Local SMS Which is right for you? - My Country Mobile

Which one do you need?

It all comes down to your actions and how you choose to message. Answer a few questions to help you figure this out.

  • You want to send multiple messages per second. Local Free SMS is for personal use only. We rarely type more than one message per second, no matter how fast we are. You’ll need shortcodes or toll-free Free SMS if you want to send messages more quickly.
  • Do you send more than 1000 messages from one phone number? This is another warning sign for carriers. Humans rarely send more than 1,000 messages per day, so if this is the case, you might want to consider A2P channels such as shortcodes, toll-free SMS, and approved Local A2P numbers.
  • Do you send more than 200 people? You’re probably only sending messages to a handful of people if you take a look at your preferred messaging app. While you may text your family, friends, and significant others, you probably don’t send many messages to too many numbers. Maybe 50. A2P messaging over shortcodes or toll-free may be the best option for you if your needs involve sending announcements to many people.
  • Do you send more than you receive? If your friends respond…Karen!, local numbers have an even ratio of received to sent messages. A2P is more like a one-way conversation. You send out more messages than you expect a return. However, toll-free SMS allows customers to reply to the same number for a local number.

Keep your Free SMS 

It doesn’t matter which route you use to send Free SMS; there are some things that you can do to help avoid being in trouble or having your notification block.

  • Send inappropriate content. End-users will flag messages that contain references to illegal drugs, foul language, or sexually explicit content as spam. So Carriers will be looking out for these messages and may refuse to allow them through. Don’t send such stuff.

Volume rule circumvents by not using a lot of numbers. When using many local numbers to match the A2P messaging volume, these tricks are well-known by carriers, who adjust their filters to match. Use the right tools if you have to spend a lot of messages.

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