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Carrier service for MMS fluctuates based on if you’re sending out of a very long code (10-digit) Thumb Cellular neighborhood. My Country Mobile quantity or some US shortcode My Country Mobile quantity. In addition, an MMS Converter  DID characteristic is still to support guarantee that incoming MMS routed to UN-supported networks may be shipped as SMS.

MMS out of Very Long Code (10-digit) amounts. At the moment, My Country Mobile supports delivering MMS messages. Thumb Cellular Out of US and Canada neighborhood code amounts to subsequent cell carriers inside the united states and Canada.

MMS out of US Shortcode amounts:

Upon petition, My Country Mobile US shortcode amounts may likewise allow delivering MMS messages into significant carriers. So for Additional Info, visit Delivering and get MMS Thumb Cellular messages using shortcodes. However, as of the moment, My Country Mobile shortcode amounts within high-income states tend not to encourage MMS.

What occurs once I send an MMS into an unsupported provider?. For example, My Country Mobile supplies an MMS Converter attribute. Thumb cellular, once shipped to unsupported networks, may mechanically transform your MMS into an SMS  API.

Thumb cellular MMS provider:

Together with MMS Converter allowed, thumb cellular. Once you deliver an MMS message to an undercover company. My Country Mobile will mail the concept within. An SMS has an abbreviate URL within your system, connecting to your media. The URL is likely to be soon appended into your human body of one’s SMS Text Message.

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Thumb Cellular Together with MMS Converter handicapped: My Country Mobile will return an HTTP four hundred answers to an API petition with mistake 21612 if you try to deliver MMS messages into noninvasive carriers.

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